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Our Partners

At Microdosing Institute, we firmly believe that connection, collaboration, and free flow of information are essential to achieve our full potential as a society. With this mindset, we’ve established numerous partnerships and connections with people and organizations in the psychedelic field. 

Much like a mycelium network in nature, this network of partnerships is an indispensable communication system with a shared purpose; to create, awareness, understanding, and acceptance of (microdosing) psychedelics. Who are the partners of Microdosing Institute? Below is a list of researchers, specialists, and organizations with whom we collaborate with on a regular basis. 


Dr. James Fadiman Microdosing Institute

Dr. James Fadiman

For many, Dr. James Fadiman probably doesn’t need an introduction; he’s commonly referred to as the “Father of Modern Microdosing”. He’s a transpersonal psychologist from Harvard, author of several books about psychedelics and psychology, and pioneers groundbreaking research into microdosing. Inventor of the most widely followed microdosing protocol (‘Fadiman Protocol‘). For more than a decade, he’s been collecting thousands of anecdotal reports from people on their microdosing experience.  

Over the years, he has served as an inspiration, advisor, and has become a dear friend to the Microdosing Institute team. Regularly, we inform each other about the latest findings, insights, and other microdosing news. We’re honored to have Dr. James Fadiman on the Microdosing Institute advisory board. Check out our most recent podcast with Dr. James Fadiman

Kim Kuypers Microdosing Institute Partner

Kim Kuypers, Ph.D

Maastricht University

Kim Kuypers, Ph.D, is a professor at Maastricht University. Her research focuses on understanding the neurobiology that underlies creativity, empathy, and well-being. She looks at this through the lens of psychopharmacology—the analysis of the effect of drugs on mental health—and specifically explores the instantaneous, intermediate, and longer-lasting effects of (microdosing) psychedelics on human behavior and biology. She was part of the Microdosing Institute seminar, where she discusses the influence of LSD on cognitive function and mood. 

Balazs Ssigeti microdosing Institute partner

Balazs Szigeti, Ph.D

Imperial College London, Beckley Foundation

Balazs Szigeti is a mathematical physicist and neuroscientist who was involved with the OpenWorm project, an open science project aimed to create accurate simulations of primitive nervous systems. Balazs became a Microdosing Institute partner when we collaborated on the Beckley-Imperial College self-blinding microdosing project, an innovative study that allows microdosers to implement a placebo control method during self-experimentation with microdosing. 

Dr. Toby Lea Microdosing Institute Partner

Toby Lea, Ph.D

Humboldt Foundation, UNSW Sydney

Toby Lea is a Humboldt Foundation Research Fellow at the German Institute for Addiction and Prevention Research and an Adjunct Lecturer at the Center for Social Research in Health, UNSW Sydney, Australia. He conducts applied social health research on the use of psychedelics as novel therapies for mental health, and research on substance use and harm reduction among sexual and gender minority people. He spoke at the Microdosing Institute seminar where he elaborated on the motivation, perceived health outcomes and harm reduction of microdosing psychedelics


Amsterdam Psychedelic Research Association (APRA) focuses all its academic efforts (from exact sciences to humanities) on studying substances and practices that hold high promise for therapy and research. However, they currently have a reduced research development due to their legal status. If you are interested in psychedelic research, keep an eye on APRA’s future research plans. 

The Beckley Foundation is a UK-based think tank and UN-accredited NGO dedicated to activating global drug policy reform and initiating scientific research into psychoactive substances. Amanda Feilding founded The Beckley Foundation in 1998 and has been at the forefront of global drug policy and scientific research into psychedelics. They collaborate with prominent scientific and political organizations to create and implement ground-breaking research and policy initiatives on a global scale.

The Guild of Guides is a Dutch association for facilitators of legal psychedelic experiences aimed at personal development. Their goal is to increase access to safe and growth-oriented psychedelic experiences for people by connecting peers, clients, experts, and legislators. 

MIND Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Europe supporting psychedelic research and education. In a therapeutic context, their research expands on the neurobiological and psychological potential of psychedelics to promote mental health and well-being. They have played a crucial role in developing a valuable integration program for insights gained during a psychedelic experience. In the near future, we hope to collaborate with MIND Foundation on creating an integration program specificially for microdosing. 

OPEN Foundation is a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands. The foundation was founded in 2007 to stimulate scientific research into therapeutic applications of psychedelics. OPEN serves as a central hub in an ever-growing network of psychedelic research professionals in the Netherlands and Europe. From the beginning, OPEN Foundation has been a source of inspiration. We have learned a lot from them and hope to continue to do so.

Fungi Academy is an international collective of passionate earthlings, working together to bring the magic of fungi to the world. Fungi are an elder species, helping humanity to become more mature, responsible, and conscious. They play a fundamental role in healing ourselves, the global community, and planet Earth as a whole.

Fungi Academy is a conscious alliance between humans and fungi, that wants to inspire to live in balance with each other and our environment. Since 2016, they’ve been teaching practical skills of mycology.

Microhuasca is a Peruvian organisation that designs, facilitates and documents therapeutic processes with small doses of Ayahuasca with encouraging results. This has led to a solid framework of tools, guidelines, and good practices – which are adopted by Microdosing Institute. Together with Microhuasca we build a community of microdosing facilitators, researchers and other professionals, and identify competent people to lead and shape new initiatives within the field of (facilitated) microdosing.

Psychedelic Experience is a global platform and directory for psychedelic organizations. The platform includes an independent review system that allows people to provide honest feedback on psychedelic organizations and retreats. Additionally, they provide the best possible information to help psychedelic users successfully integrate their experiences and offer a space for community support. Through the platform, they aim to reduce unnecessary harm—and therefore stigma—related to psychedelics.

The Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands is a gathering place for anyone interested in learning more about psychedelics. They advocate for the safe, responsible, and informed use of psychedelics as a means for exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness—for therapeutic and developmental purposes. They do so by organizing events, lectures, movie screenings, art events, and discussion groups. We have worked closely with PSN even before the foundation of Microdosing Institute. For example, in 2016, we organized the first microdosing event in the world; that’s where the idea of the Microdosing Institute platform was born. 

As the first Psychedelic Society in the world, they were pioneers in enabling open dialogues and extensive education on psychedelics. We highly recommend their online programs; including webinars with world-renowned speakers such as Dennis McKenna, Gabor Maté, Françoise Bourzat, and many more prominent scholars. Aside from that, they’ve evolved into a conscious, knowledgeable, and well-respected community.

The San Francisco Psychedelic Society is a non-profit organization devoted to uniting people through their shared interest in exploring altered states of consciousness. They aim to educate and advocate for the safe use of psychedelics by providing community, support, and integration resources in personal development, addiction recovery, and spiritual growth. Honoring indigenous lineages, access without dogma, and the de-stigmatization of all substances are also priorities.

The Psychedelic Renaissance is a MAPS-sponsored documentary investigating the global re-emergence of the psychedelic movement and the pivotal role of psychedelics in human culture. Microdosing Institute appears in and supports this compelling documentary, because we believe it has the potential to further break the stigma around psychedelics. 

Synthesis Institute is an Amsterdam-based psychedelic wellness retreat provider. They’ve been providing legal, safe, and evidence-based guidance for individuals and groups interested in experiencing psychedelics for healing, personal growth, and spiritual expansion. They are a global leader of the modern psychedelic movement, promoting scientific research, training, and education to ensure people may safely access and integrate psychedelic experiences.

Based out of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Psychedelic Insights provides legal, safe, psychologically guided psychedelic experiences, to individuals, groups, and professionals, with magic psilocybin truffles for personal development and quality of life.


#ThankYouPlantMedicine is an online movement born to respond to the social stigma surrounding psychoactive plants and psychedelic-assisted therapy. They’ve created an annual worldwide wave of gratitude that takes place on the 20th of February, inviting people to use the hashtag #ThankYouPlantMedicine to share their stories of healing, transformation, and empowerment due to plant medicine.

Vista+ is a group of dedicated volunteers who want to provide well-founded information about the benefits and effects of microdosing for professional and emotional growth in the hopes of changing society’s perception of psychedelics from harmful to holistic. They guide members on their microdosing journey, collect data, and share their findings with committed researchers looking to lay foundations for future research. As a result, their partnership has been an incredible asset to the Microdosing Institute platform.

microdosing institute partner kasper van der meulen

Kasper van der Meulen

Mindlift & Breathwork Masterclass

Kasper van der Meulen is a breathwork specialist, biohacker, and author of the best-selling book, Mindlift. He has overcome himself and went from being overweight, burned out, and unhappy to having superhuman focus, fitness, and drive. He now dedicates his work to teach other people how to optimize their lifestyle by increasing awareness, enhancing mental fitness, and creating limitless personal freedom. Next to breathwork, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and meditation, he includes microdosing to enhance his life. Learn more about his personal journey in our podcast with Kasper

Friends of our platform Michel Vos and Sjanett de Geus have set up this insanely instructive academy with very valuable life crafting trainings to help optimize your life, including making your dreams come true based on your unique skills using a roadmap that you draw up yourself. Indispensable, practical knowledge in this time of information overload and “always being busy”.

Our partner for Clusterheadache projects. Rogier Koning is a Microdosing Institute partner, and we lend each other support when needed, in particular in regard to his mission to offer Cluster Headache patients access to a large amount of analysed data, in order for this group to be better informed on the most effective treatment and relief solutions.

Another excellent Cluster Headache resource is Clusterbusters.org, founded by Bob Wold. We share information with one another—and we gladly refer cluster headache (CH) patients to his site, which provides a roadmap for those who want to use psychedelics to combat or prevent CH.

Each season has its own power and its own energy. In the seasonal walks you will experience fully what nature, in the moment, can bring you and how you can use this for your process. In the Dutch woods where the walks take place, you can expect stillness and connection, individual and group exercises, visualizations – with passionate guidance from wilderness coach Rianne, burnout coach Hanneke and the team of Microdosing Institute. Every season there is a microdosing edition.

Shops & products

Microdose.nl is Europe’s first and largest microdosing webshop and official partner of Microdosing Institute. They provide the most extensive offer of microdosing substances, supplies, and toolkits combined with honest, knowledgeable, and excellent service. With their moral and financial support, we are able to persue the mission of Microdosing Institute independently.  

Microdosify isn’t some big pharmaceutical company, nor is it a group of passionate mushroom advocates. Microdosify is really only one Canadian on a mission to share his experience of healing and rebirth after suffering from two decades of depression. Tobias founded this company because he genuinely believes the power of psilocybin mushrooms can help our society begin healing.

Subscribe to their newsletter to get notified when Microdosify opens shipping to your country. 

Foodsporen is a Dutch producer of nutritional supplements based on pure fungi and mushrooms. Their products come in the form of tinctures, powders, and capsules, which they sell on their website. These products are functional mushrooms and can be used for stacking with microdosing substances. 

For nearly 25 years, Fresh Mushrooms Ltd. has been the market leader in cultivating fresh psilocybin mushrooms. However, after the government enforced the mushroom ban in the Netherlands, Hans Grootewal, mycologist and founder of Fresh Mushrooms Ltd, had no other choice than to shift his business. He was committed to the cultivation and breeding of Magic Truffles —which are still legal many countries—and develop a product that surpasses the mushroom. 

The online shop, MicrodosingTruffles is also a Microdosing Institute partner. They equally support our mission and vision and are the supplier of the original Microdosing XP Truffles.

With their drug testing kits and pilocybin potency testing kits, Germany based Miraculix makes a significant contribution to safer substance use, which includes microdosing. They believe in combining harm reduction and education to continously offer valueable insights to other users.