What is microdosing with psychedelics?
Microdosing is often treated as a sensationalist subject by the media. Is it really that popular, or just a short hype?
Does it work or do we experience a strong placebo-effect?
Why would you microdose?
Can it be a tool for mindfulness and personal leadership?



The platform is creating the first microdosing seminar: OPEN THE DOORS. This all-afternoon event focusses on current research, the working mechanisms of microdosing and its implications for health and personal transformation.

But more so, OPEN THE DOORS promises to be an inspiring gathering for the fast-growing circle of enthusiasts: researchers, psychologists, personal development experts, harm-reduction professionals, those new to microdosing and those who’ve microdosed extensively. All will be here to connect and share experiences and insights. You can imagine how excited we all are.

Are you joining?

This microdosing seminar is more than just talks; an afternoon dedicated to connecting, inspiration, research and insight.

An open space where the microdosing community shares knowledge, maps the unknown and collectively looks forward. Meet everyone in this fresh circle and join the conversation!



BLOCK 1: The current state of microdosing

The community & best microdosing practices

HEIN – Co-founder of, Micro-coach

Microdosing: how does it work and are there any risks involved? 

DAVID VALKENBURG – independent researcher


BLOCK 2: Current microdosing research

LSD microdosing – A dose finding study

Natasha Mason, PhD Cand (Maastricht University)

The present study explores the dose-response relationship in LSD-induced subjective and cognitive effects using small doses of LSD (5, 10, and 20 µg) compared to placebo. The study hypothesis is that higher doses of LSD will be associated with increasingly greater and potentially also qualitatively different subjective effects compared to placebo. An additional study parameter is the change in cognitive performance under the influence of LSD compared to placebo.

Beckley foundation’s self-blinding microdosing study

Balasz Sigeti, PhD (ISMMS, New York)

Presentation via ZOOM

He is a member of the ‘Beckley foundation’s self-blinding microdosing project’, an innovative study that allows microdosers to implement placebo control during self-experimentation. The project is expected to lunch in the summer of 2018 and will be the first to collect data on microdosing in a placebo controlled manner. This data will allow us to investigate whether microdosers feel benefits due to the placebo effect or because of the pharmacological action of microdosing.

Microdosing LSD & Psilocybin and its effects on the mental health

Anisha Lela Larsson (Uppsala University)

Presentation via ZOOM

Anisha is a Psychology student who currently performs a study to investigate the effects and adverse effects on mental health at micro-dosing of LSD and Psilocybin. This study is the first to incorporate the aspect of (self-)diagnosed mental conditions amongst microdosers.

So, what is happening in the brain though…?

Josephine Marschall (Leiden University)

Josephine is currently involved with psychedelic research at Leiden University. During this presentation, I will be explaining the results of past research investigating the effects of moderates doses on neural functioning. With regard to these neural correlates, I will also be discussing potential clinical implications of microdosing.


BLOCK 3: The next level of microdosing

Soundbites for inner connection

MELIKA HADŽIĆ – violinist

Melika has ability to turn any given situation into a moment of pure clarity, where hierarchies are broken and where heartfelt emotions begin to flow. She does it through her violin, using the technique of Deep listening. She doesn’t need a fixed stage in order to perform. Instead, Melika actively seeks situations where the impact of music can bring a difference.

Psychedelic assisted spiritual awakening

PETER GORDIJN – ex Apache helicopter pilot, author and spiritual guide

“To be able to provide that what cannot be expressed with words, is more valuable than anything”. Former Apache pilot Peter Gordijn has made this his mission after he first saw his life changed by ayahuasca experiences. He has just finished his second book The Absolute Perspective – From resistance to freedom and offers courses in non-duality. Microdosing and high dose ceremonies are incorporated to boost the spiritual teachings.

Microdosing coaching network

HEIN – Co-founder of, Micro-Coach


Around 18.00 we wrap up. You’re most welcome to join us for drinks in the garden!


Besides the talks on the programme, we’re aiming to make this an inspiring and enjoyable afternoon.  There’ll be music, a documentary and we’ll have breaks with FREE coffee, tea and snacks.



Early bird € 17.50 – until 31. May
Last minute € 20



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Sunday 10 June
14.00 until 18.00 @ Mirror Centre Amsterdam



Get your ticket online in advance.

Go by bike, train or tram. Mirror Centre is right in front of Muiderpoort station

Go by car? There’s free parking in the area or paid at the Oostpoort parking


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