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Microdosing Truffles 1-day Retreat | June 12, 2021 | Amsterdam


Are you interested in microdosing and have also considered participating in a high dose truffles retreat, but haven’t decided yet what would suit you best? 

You are not the only one.

For those who are looking for orientation, clarity and expert’s guidance, we have a special offering. 

We’ve teamed up with Roots & Wings, also based in Amsterdam, to organise a 1-day retreat where we explore micro and mini-dosing, alongside breath and bodywork. 

What to expect?

Jakobien van der Weijden (Microdosing Institute) and Roos-Veerle Krijnen (Roots and Wings) are organising a retreat day for your well-being and to get clarity on what would suit you best in this moment; microdosing or a high-dose ceremony – or just giving yourself a day to retreat from your day-to-day routines.

In the morning, they will delve into topics such as high dose vs. microdose, is there a ‘better’ option or can they be ‘combined’ as one wishes? How to get the most out of such a retreat experience? 

This is for you if you’re looking for a chance to :

  • Explore mild altered states of consciousness
  • Learn about microdosing with magic truffles
  • Familiarize yourself with (mind)set, setting and other helpful concepts for inner work with the aid of a psychedelic
  • Open up to deeper insights and wellbeing via breath, dance, music, sharing, food and more! 

Experience & understanding

Feelings like anxiety or fear in preparation for a truffle retreat are perfectly common. We believe in making space for all that comes up – actually there is a ton of value in that. Because then, we can truly connect to what is. On this retreat day we offer a safe space to investigate these feelings, along with your curiosity, motivation and intentions – what drives you, what changes would you like to make, what does your happy place look like?

In this mini-retreat, we go beyond just talking about it. Experience is one of the highest forms of living. Lean into what a truffle retreat will be like for you by participating in the breathwork and more experiential exercises. 

This mini-retreat is the perfect opportunity to ask all your questions before deciding whether to incorporate microdosing or a high dose into the next step in your personal journey.  

Program of the day

9.45 Walk-in 

10.00 Opening Circle 

10.30 Introduction to micro-dosing vs sacred high dose ceremony

+ cognitive safety and intention setting

11.30 Ceremonial mini-dose 

12.00 Breath work & Music meditation

14.00 Lunch

15.00 Body work

16.00 Journal + Q&A

16.30 Closing Circle

Check-in with Roots & Wings for availability

Website Roots&Wings: https://www.myrootsandwings.nl/

1-day Microdosing Retreat – Booking Page: https://rootswings.blossomstudio.app/workshops/607d9fc95ec321002603bd4a

More info? Send an email to info@myrootsandwings.nl

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