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ICPR 2020—What Microdosing Did For the Perception of Psychedelics


ICPR is the Interdisciplinary conference on psychedelic research. It will be an online Conference due to the Corona Virus. for the upcoming Online ICPR conference that will take place from 24th till the 27th of September. A lot of research on Microdosing will be presented online. Our friend Aleksi Hupli wrote a wonderful article on Microdosing for the conference. We are happy to share his well-written article.

Over the past decade, the phenomenon of ‘microdosing’ has had outsized implications for the perception of psychedelics. Before this phenomena, narratives around psychedelics always assumed a large dose and a full psychedelic experience. After the popularization of the concept of microdosing, the idea that psychedelics could be taken in small quantities -as a cognitive enhancer- became more prevalent and accepted. Ever since, they’ve been hailed as valuable tools for enhancing various aspects of cognition, creativity, emotion and neuroplasticity.

This article takes notes from Aleksi Hupli’s upcoming PhD dissertation in Sociology at the University of Tampere called: Smarter with Drugs. Cognitive enhancement drugs from users’ perspectives. In it, he partly explores why psychedelic microdosing should be included in the pharmacological neuroenhancement discussion and debate.

====>READ MORE: ‘What microdosing did for the perception of psychedelics

Eindbazen Podcast: Joost Breeksema, organizer of ICPR and Executive Director of the OPEN foundation

Last week our friend Joost Breeksema, the Executive Director of the OPEN foundation was interviewed by the Eindbazen. A famous podcast duo who have been doing many podcasts for years now. They talked about the ‘upcome of Psychedelics, Microdosing, Psychedelic Research and ICPR. The podcast is in Dutch. We were so happy to find out Michel Vos plugged our Microdosing.nl platform in the first few minutes. Thanks so much for that.

ICPR 2020: Programme overview

ICPR 2020 is an interdisciplinary conference on psychedelic research where leading researchers and therapists will discuss the latest developments in psychedelic research and therapeutic applications.

The conference features world experts in psychiatry, neuroscience, psychology, and anthropology and is well known for its uncompromising commitment to high-quality academic research.

ICPR is an interactive, connecting experience possible by using the latest tools in digital conferencing. Joining this program means a permanent connection to a global psychedelic research community.

Programme overview

Eindbazen podcast with Michael Pollan about his bestselling book on psychedelic science ‘How to change your mind’

Michael Pollan is a journalist, activist and author. For more than thirty years, Pollan has been writing books and articles about the places where nature and culture intersect: on our plates, in our farms and gardens, and in our minds. In this podcast, they talking about his latest book: How to change your mind.

In this podcast, Michael, Michel and Wiggert are talking very openly about their experiences with psychedelics. They speak about how psychedelics can help with for example addiction or the fear of death.

Michael shares his vision of consciousness. What does he mean by that? Is consciousness something that is produced by our brains or are we part of something bigger? And why is it so hard to study this?

They are also talking about the therapeutical function of psychedelics. Why is there still such a taboo? What should these sessions look like? And how important are things as integration sessions, set and setting and music?

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