Microdosing Partner Shop

For European visitors, Microdose.nl is the official partner of Microdosing Institute. As a pioneer in microdosing products, this web shop offers a wide range of microdosing supplies, toolkits, and legal, organic microdosing substances for your microdosing journey, including the well-known Microdosing XP truffles.


Microdose.nl is a shop for European Union-based customers only.

Why order at Microdose.nl?

As Europe’s first microdosing shop, Microdose.nl combines extensive knowledge on microdosing substances with honest and trustworthy service. This official partnership ensures that Microdosing Institute community members have access to all kinds of products. Besides that, Microdose.nl sponsors important microdosing research projects, including studies into the effect of microdosing on cluster headaches, ADD/ADHD, mental wellbeing, creativity, and mood and cognition in women. 

Through Microdosing Institute we provide access to science-backed information, the community and our network of coaches, therapists and specialists. Add to that the microdosing products from Microdose.nl and your safe, conscious and effective microdosing journey is within reach!

Hein & Jakobien — founders of Microdosing Institute

Special offers for coaches and therapists

Are you a coach, therapist or retreat, and do you (want to) work with microdoses of psychedelics as a tool for personal development for your clients? Microdose.nl has unique offers for coaches, therapists and Retreats. To learn more, please visit Microdose.nl or contact the store directly at info@microdose.nl 

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Microdosing shop Canada

For Canadian visitors, Microdosify.com is the official partner of Microdosing Institute. As a pioneer in psilocybin blends for microdosing, this web shop offers high quality, legal, organic microdosing capsules for your microdosing journey in three different dosages.

High Quality Mushroom Extracts for Stacking

For US visitors, Mushroom Revival is another official partner of Microdosing Institute. They offer high quality fruiting body extracts of Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps and other functional mushrooms to complement your microdosing stack. 

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