microdosing research

Microdosing Research

On our website, we collect all available microdosing research to date. Besides that, we invite you to participate in upcoming microdosing research. The practice of microdosing has been growing significantly in popularity. Therefore, (more) scientific research into microdosing and its effects is crucial to better understand how, when, and by whom microdosing may be safely and effectively used. 

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Participate in microdosing research

As you may expect, we need much more microdosing research to fill in the knowledge gaps around the topic. Fortunately, you can help in this effort by participating in microdosing studies. As a so-called “citizen scientist,” you’ll work with microdosing community members and scientists to find answers to some of the most intriguing questions. In doing so, you help society (better) understand the effect, benefits, and risks of microdosing.

Microdosing research publications

Microdosing Institute is connected to a large network of scientists, scientific institutions, and universities that are researching psychedelics and microdosing. We sometimes know when new microdosing research will be published. With each publication, we provide a short and easy-to-understand article or infographic  highlighting the most important points of the study, the main conclusion, and possible limitations.