Microdosing Movement

The Microdosing Movement was founded by the Microdosing Institute , James Fadiman, Flowstate Micro and The Psychedelic Society of San Fransisco to unite alle Microdose organizations in the world. Last year (December) we created a successful online Microdosing Movement course with over 950 participants from all over the world, we decided to join forces by creating a Worldwide Microdosing Movement, an umbrella foundation for Microdosing organisations all over the world.

Microdosing Movement Team

Dr. James Fadiman

Dr. James Fadiman

This extraordinary man needs no introduction. The father of microdosing with psychedelics and a friend and advisor of the microdosing Institute team. Since the beginning of our mission, James Fadiman has supported our platform and advises us on our projects and goals. By maintaining weekly contact, we inform each other about the latest findings, risks and other relevant microdosing news. Without Jim the Microdosing Movement would not exist.

The Microdosing Institute

Since 2015, the topic of microdosing has been trending in all sorts of media and many people have experimented with it since. Our curiosity was sparked by the predominantly positive findings that users have reported over the years to scientist Dr. James Fadiman, who has been researching microdosing since 2010. We wanted to find out for ourselves if these ‘subperceptual’ doses could really be a game-changer, so we took the test and participated in every Microdosing study that has been conducted. We’ve delved even deeper into this phenomenon, resulting in Microdosing.nl – till date the most visited Dutch website and community platform on microdosing. We are so proud to part of the Microdosing Movement.

Hein Pijnnaken

My name is Hein, co-founder of the Microdosing Institute and Microdosing coach. Hein is the founder of Microdose NL, the first ever Microdosing shop in the world. After 30 years of experience with the healing effects of psychedelics and guiding many sessions, microdosing with psychedelics came on his path. Since 2016 he has been intensively studying the subject of microdosing. Not only the theoretical side, but especially also the practical side I have researched, from which this website originated. The intensive contact with different researchers, including James Fadiman and the microdosers in our community has given me a balanced view on how to use microdosing in combination with coaching.

After a year of coaching people during their Microdosing journey, I quickly found out that with my background as NLP coach (master), MD is a good self-development ‘tool’ in combination with coaching. Assuming that you choose to work with microdosing, we facilitate you with our experience to get the most out of your microdosing adventure! >>More.

Jakobien van der Weijden

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by travel and distant cultures. Out of pure curiosity, but also to observe what such introductions do to me. This is also how plant medicines came to my path, of which I have attended dozens of ceremonies, both in the Netherlands and in local communities in South America. I have been in the service of the psychedelic renaissance for over 10 years through work for a smartshop, the OPEN Foundation, the Psychedelic Society and Synthesis, creating close ties with scientists, therapists, facilitators and tripsitters from all over the world.

It was a logical step for me to delve into microdosing and then Holistic Coaching. Because, after all, not everyone is served by a solid visionary journey. I soon discovered that microdosing is more than a trick for more focus or creativity during your work, although this story remains very popular with the media. In 2021, together with Hein, I released an extensive (English) microdosing video course on our international platform. >>more

Psychedelic Society San Fransisco

The San Francisco Psychedelic Society is a non-profit organisation dedicated to building a community of people from all walks of life who share an interest in exploring altered states of consciousness. While working on the Microdosing Movement Course with James Fadiman, our team became friends with Danielle Negrin.

Their mission is to educate and advocate for elevated states of consciousness by providing community, support and integration resources to those seeking harm reduction, addiction recovery, spiritual growth and personal development. They emphasise honouring indigenous traditions, access without dogma and the destigmatisation of all drugs. more (opens in a new tab)”>==>more

Danielle Negrin

Executive Director & Psychedelic Recovery – Danielle specializes in building conscious community, providing psychedelic education, addiction recovery services and integration.

Seth Warner

Seth’s intentions are to increase access and to a good psychedelic education and democratize the knowledge around safely cultivating and consuming sacred mushrooms for access and healing.

Flow State Micro

We imagine a world where plants and fungi are no longer criminalized, and are made affordable and accessible to people of all races, creeds and backgrounds. Until that day comes we will continue to be the leaders in the forefront of education and will provide you with our one of a kind functional mushroom blend minus the Psilocybin.

Until legalization, we will be the leaders in microdosing education and coaching. We are proud to offer 1 on 1 coaching and our proprietary Flow State Micro stacking blend minus the Psilocybin. Nature provides.

Adam Bramlage

Adam Bramlage is Founder and CEO of Flow State Micro. He works daily as an educator, coaching clients on performance enhancement, diet, meditation, neutral thinking and Flow State optimization. Bramlage spent more than a decade as an advocate, farmer, distributor and manufacturer in the California legal Cannabis space. He sold his cannabis companies and pivoted into psychedelics after successfully using micro dosing to cure his own treatment resistant depression and enhance his physical and mental performance.

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