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Although microdosing psychedelics is certainly not a panacea or solution for all of your problems, we have found that it is a very good tool to support personal growth and transformation. Just like meditation, yoga, healthy food and exercise, microdosing psychedelics can be an efficient tool for maintaining mental and physical balance.

Since the start of our platform 3 years ago we, Jakobien and Hein, guide and coach people during their microdosing processes. In order to be of service to more people, we work with various therapists, coaches and psychologists from the mainstream and alternative sector, who are open to the potential healing effects of psychedelics in micro and macro dosing.

We took our time to experience microdosing ourselves, in order to get a picture which is as realistic as possible and bridge the gap between scientists. We’ve set up a Facebook group which serves as a platform for people who share their microdosing experiences and continued with guiding and coaching individuals in their microdosing journeys. The knowledge and experience we’ve gained, got incorporated into our website which we now share with our network of coaches and you.

Our team works closely with James Fadiman PhD and several other microdosing specialists. They guide and advise our coaching team, so that we can give you the most realistic and thorough guidance.

Our goal is to guide people with questions about microdosing as well as possible. We combine our expertise in microdosing with coaching in which we’re specializing in. We bring together coaches and therapists whose expertise fits into this work and who can guide you through this fascinating journey.

Meet Our Coaching Team

Hein Pijnnaken

Hein Pijnnaken

Microdosing Coach & Transformational Coach (NLP Advanced Master)

My name is Hein, I’m a founder of the Microdosing.nl platform and a microdosing coach. After 30 years of experience with the healing effects of psychedelics as well as guiding many sessions, microdosing with psychedelics came my way. I’ve been intensively studying this subject since 2016. This website originated from my investigation of both, theoretical and practical sides of microdosing. The intensive contact with scientists, such as James Fadiman, and microdosers in our community, has provided me with a balanced picture of how I use microdosing in combination with coaching.

Having a background in Transformational coaching (NLP advanced master) I’m fascinated about how microdosing combined with coaching serves as a great catalyst and self-development tool. Provided you choose to work with microdosing yourself, I facilitate your process to help you get the most of your microdosing adventure! I specialize in counseling people with cluster headaches in their microdosing and minidosing processes.

Email: info@microdosinginstitute.com


Jakobien van der Weijden

Microdosing Coach & Holistic Coach

Ever since I remember I’ve been fascinated by traveling and exploring distant cultures. Out of pure curiosity, but also to observe what such encounters do to me. This is how plant medicine came onto my path. I’ve attended dozens of ceremonies, both in Europe and with the local communities in South America. These experiences helped me to gain a lot of knowledge about natural psychedelics and medicinal plants such as ayahuasca, mushrooms, truffles and San Pedro.

I’ve been in service of the psychedelic renaissance for over 10 years through working for smartshops, being involved in OPEN Foundation, the Psychedelic Society and currently I work at the Synthesis Institute that offers professionally guided, medically supervised psilocybin retreats and therapy. I will always be committed to creating close ties with scientists, therapists, facilitators and microdosers from all over the world.

It was a logical step for me to dive into combining microdosing with Holistic Coaching. After all, not everyone benefits from a solid visionary journey. I discovered that microdosing can be way more than a trick for more focus or creativity during your work, although this story remains very popular with the media. When guiding you through the process of microdosing I’ll gladly help you make this journey as useful and meaningful as possible.

Email: info@microdosinginstitute.com

Catharina Bruyning

Catharina Bruyning

Soul Coach

My name is Catharina Bruyning and I am a certified Usui Reiki Master, Shin Do teacher, Soul Coach and Metaphysics teacher. In this bundling of knowledge and experience I specialize in investigating what happens in the energy field. What lies beneath, where does it lead, what is essentially happening. By means of questions, bodywork and energetic exercises we can put things in the light, give attention and look at what a situation, feeling, or your body needs as a next step.

Email: info@microdosinginstitute.com

Mart Foodsporen

Mart Stoffele

Medicinal Mushrooms Expert

Everyone a little healthier, every day. That is my vision. The fascination for mushrooms started from my own experience, I was stuck in life, not feeling well and unable to concentrate. Despite several visits to a doctor, there was no improvement. Finally, I discovered a mushroom extract, a tincture that did work. Soon I felt better. I could also concentrate better and then I started to study natural medicine. This would have been unthinkable in the past. The extracts gave me more focus and clarity. One book after another was devoured and the passion grew into a business. With Foodsporen, I want to introduce as many people as possible to the power of these vitalising mushroom extracts.

Email: info@microdosinginstitute.com

Meet Our Therapists

Each person is unique and has its own special story and reason when they approach us for guidance during their microdosing and/or macrodosing process. With our network of coaches, psychologists and therapists, each with their own expertise, we are able to guide your specific, individual process. Together we will look which route suits you best. It goes without saying that our coaches are open and have a lot of experience with the healing effects of psychedelics.

Marijn Schrieken

Marijn Schrieken

Therapist for Trauma Processing and Training

Trauma healing, according to the Somatic Experiencing© methodology of Peter Levine, came my way in 2013. I’ve just read his book ‘Waking The Tiger’ when I had an accident and felt my body is doing exactly what Levine described in his book. I responded like mammals do in nature, literally shaking off the experience. At that point I decided to follow his training. Now I am teaching others how to free their bodies from unnecessary stress and tension and get back to the natural flow of life.

Somatic Experiencing© is basically a body-oriented method and is therefore also called a ‘bottom-up method’ because the body sensations are being used as an input. Somatic Experiencing© works beautifully to support psychedelic practice to anchor experiences from the journey in your body. That helps the psychedelic encounter to be easier integrated into daily life, especially when old wounds and traumas which deserve extra attention are being touched.

However impressive and insightful inner journeys (large and small) may be, they are not an answer to all the pain suffered. Somatic Experiencing© can contribute very well to deep healing of old pain and/or traumas. If you want to know more about how that works, please feel free to contact me personally. My practice is located in Amsterdam.


Jeanine Souren

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Relationship and Family Therapist, Sexologist

I am a licensed psychotherapist, systems therapist (family and couples-) and sexologist. I work in my own private practice and for Fieldtriphealth in Amsterdam. 
Clients in my practice often suffer from clinical conditions such as depression, anxiety, burn-out, (C)PTSD, sexuality issues and all kinds of dependencies and addictions. Most people suffer from more than 1 issue at the same time. And sometimes, a person’s character traits play a role in returning (negative) patterns. 

I have been trained in many modalities. I like to combine different forms of therapy and coaching, in which I am certified. Such as, EMDR, Systemic (family) therapy, ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy), Family Constellations, Schema focused therapy, Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Psychodrama and other experiential approaches. Depending on the person, I apply what works best.

Sessions can take place online, or in my practice in Culemborg. I work with couples, individuals and families.  

Regina U. Hess

Regina U. Hess

Clinical Psychologist, Body-Centered Gestalt Psychotherapist

Specialties: Psychedelic integration, multidimensional trauma and transformation, meaning of life, individual, collective and ecological transformation, the concept of interconnectedness and deep ecology approaches – from egoism to earthism.

Therapeutic Orientation: Depth psychology, transpersonal psychology and indigenous approaches, body-centered and creative methods, mind-body medicine, and integration therapy for psychedelic experiences.

I am a clinical psychologist, researcher, supervisor, and a body-centered Gestalt psychotherapist, creative therapist, and transpersonal therapist. For more than 20 years I have specialized in the multidimensionality of trauma and transformation and taught internationally. I am a member of the Swiss Medical Society for Psycholytic Therapy. I am also a co-developer and co-facilitator of integration programs and integration therapy training for professionals in the Integration Team of the MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Science.

Services Offered: psychedelic integration (individuals, couples, groups), trauma-informed body-centered psychotherapy, teaching internationally, in-house workshops, research and publication.

Sessions: Online or in person (Cologne, Germany and Amsterdam)

Email: dr.reginahess@gmail.com

Articles, videos, and podcasts: https://independent.academia.edu/DrReginaUHess


Other Partners

Adam Bramlage

Adam Bramlage

Microdosing & Performance Enhancement Coach

Adam Bramlage is Founder and CEO of Flow State Micro. He works daily as an educator, coaching clients on performance enhancement, diet, meditation, neutral thinking and Flow State optimization. Bramlage spent more than a decade as an advocate, farmer, distributor and manufacturer in the California legal Cannabis space. He sold his cannabis companies and pivoted into psychedelics after successfully using micro dosing to cure his own treatment resistant depression and enhance his physical and mental performance.

Hidde vista plus microdosing

Hidde Schröder

Microdosing Coach

Founder of Vista+ which examines the benefits of plant medicine for society. Vista+ provides guidance and counseling by helping with intention setting and attaining personal growth in the process of microdosing by means of a 10-week microdosing program.

“I’ve been researching health, nutrition and alternative means of medicine/healing for the past decade. With a fascination for the mind-body connection; how thoughts and emotions influence our physiology in particular. Having a background as a massage therapist and exploring other disciplines such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, martial arts, pranic healing, and energy cultivation.”

Psilocybin can be a beautiful instrument and ‘teacher’ to assist you in attaining a wider perspective and deeper state of consciousness. The experiences and insights felt during and after the microdosing process can help you to restore the balance within yourself.

I am an experienced practitioner with training in “Psychedelic Integration” from the MIND Foundation and have first-hand experience in guiding dozens of ceremonies with psilocybin and other plant medicine.

It is a privilege to contribute and assist others in this process of re-connecting and self-exploration, and to gain more understanding into mental-, emotional- and spiritual growth.


Roots & Wings

Truffle Retreats, Breathwork, Coaching & more

We are the retreat centre in which we connect with what is. We offer a psychedelic experience with an emphasis on integration. During this facilitated, legal, Amsterdam-based retreat we work with truffles containing psilocybin.

Our retreats provide the opportunity to evolve both personally and professionally. They include life-coaching, body-oriented practices and ancient knowledge. 

At Roots & Wings we believe in the power of integrating all parts of yourself; the beautiful- and the challenging aspects. We see life as an unfolding journey towards your true nature. We connect with what is, the most critical step in the process of creating a life that you truly love.

For more information, visit the website or Instagram and connect directly with Roos-Veerle Krijnen.

Sjanett de Geus

Sjanett de Geus

Life Crafting Coach & Trainer

I am Sjanett. I like to make my own plan, both for business and pleasure and the life crafting strategies from the Twelve Waves Protocol make that possible and successful.

Don’t expect standard business coaching, because A) I like to look broader than just your company or business ambition, and B) I am at my best when I can share insights and lessons with people who are following a similar path to mine, and that is not for everyone. I am now a vice president of Twelve Waves, I give masterclasses and training on this subject in the business world and personally coach a small number of passionate entrepreneurs to manifest their dreams.

Questions, suggestions or tips? Or would you like to hold a workshop or training at your company? Please contact me!

Rob ter Keurs

Rob ter Keurs

Physiotherapy and Haptonomy

My name is Rob ter Keurs (1959), I studied physiotherapy at the Tim van der Laan Academy and followed the haptonomy training with Otto Huizinga. Everything from a passion for people.

I use transpersonal psychology (where mystical and spiritual experiences also belong) as a starting point. In addition, in my work I use everything I’ve learned in training, but also the experiences I have gained in practice. If they appeal to me and they help people, I use them. I think that may deviate from the mainstream idea. In order to allow healing to come I use elements from NLP, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Holotropic Breathing and Shamanistic Techniques. My practice is located in Amstelveen.

Pieter Meurs

Pieter Meurs, MD

Holistic Healthcare

The name my parents gave me is Pieter Meurs. In 2014 I graduated as a medical doctor at the University of Nijmegen. After that I started working in psychiatry in Groningen, first in the clinics, later in the department of Integrative Psychiatry (CIP) department.

After graduating in medicine, a few years ago I started my holistic healthcare practice called Dr. Aquarius. In this time of Aquarius we may go beyond the existing form and everything that serves the whole may come together in one discipline.

In this way I combine my knowledge of regular medicine studies with additional treatments such as yoga, meditation and plant medicine. The latter also includes teacher plants such as cannabis and truffles, which are very powerful medicines if used correctly.

It is possible to schedule an intake for counseling about microdosing with plant medicine, lifestyle and (sound)healing. The consultations take place in a cozy house next to the woods in the Veluwe.

Patrycja Radecka & Koen de Koning

Patrycja Radecka & Koen de Koning

Therapeutic Sitting Service

We are Patricia and Coen and we offer therapeutic guidance as a duo to people who want to experience the healing effect of magic truffles. With our rich psychological knowledge and experience, we specialize in preparing and integrating psychedelic experiences for emotional and mental problems.

Patrycja has a rich psychological education and experience with a master’s degree and two additional diplomas in neuroscience & mindfulness and in mental health therapies. Her background involves many different therapeutic forms such as cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance comment therapy, internal family systems and more. She has years of experience in various aspects of mental health care from working in clinics, with the homeless and addicts, to coaching managers and private clients. Partycja has also taken the MAPS training which is being used for the psychologists who supervise their clinical trials for the use of MDMA in PTSD.

Coen is an engineer and designer and is an experienced guide to psychedelic experiences.

Both are also currently in training for Hakomi mindfulness based somatic therapy, a method also used by MAPS therapists as a powerful tool for working with subconscious material, just like the psychedelic experience.

If you need to investigate more deeply what is bothering you at the subconscious level and how you can relate better to your inner defense systems, we are happy to help you in taking that step.

Truffles Sitter Service

Truffles Sitter Service

Psychedelic society of the Netherlands (PSN)

Are you microdosing and are you curious what it’s like to try a high dose? Our partner PSN provides a trusted, highly valued tripsitter service. Many people find it easier to connect to the benefits of microdosing once they’ve done a full dose psychedelic session.

Our team works closely with PSN. If you have questions about this service, send us an email.

Microdosing Partner Network

Are you a certified coach,  counselor, or a licensed psychologist, doctor or psychiatrist? And do you have ample experience with the use of psychedelics and microdosing (this is a requirement)? We would love to connect with you and explore how you might become part of the microdosing support network.

Contact us at info@microdosinginstitute.com

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