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Microdosing Magic Truffles

If you are about to start your microdosing journey, you have to know that the easiest and the most legal way is to do it with magic truffles, as they can be legally purchased in various smartshops.

There are two options:

Before you decide which truffles to buy, make sure you’re well informed about standard dosages and preparation. In this article we’ll guide you through these steps.

The Truth Behind the Marketing

Truffles are grown in the Netherlands under controlled circumstances by three growing facilities. There’s only one process, only one way to do it, only one original strain. And therefore, all truffles are good. Whether you use them for a high-dose journey or a microdose, that doesn’t matter.

However, when you shop for truffles, you may notice there are quite a few varieties of truffles on the market with ‘trippy’ sounding names (Dragon Slayer, Atlantis, Dolphins Delight, etc). This is nothing but a marketing trick as these names are not based on the specific properties of the truffles. Usually what you get are the same truffles in a different packaging and/or quantity. The only difference between different ‘types’ of truffles is their potency – and even that doesn’t vary all that much.

Another marketing trick is that these same standard truffles are being advertised as if specifically created for microdosing, with names as ‘Natural Psilocybin’, being sold at extremely high prices. Be careful and don’t get fooled by advertising.

Types of mushrooms which produce sclerotia (truffles) and are in circulation:

Available varieties:

For the truffles, the difference lies mainly in their size and that depends on how long they were left to grow. Some people say they’ve noticed a difference in potency in two or more types of truffles. That might be correct as there are growers who expose the truffles to air before packaging them, which causes their top layer to dry slightly. Thus, they become “more potent per gram”, as they contain less water. It is also possible that one batch (harvest) was slightly less potent than the other.

There’s a wide range of aspects that can potentially influence your journey, or your microdosing experience with a psychedelic substance. It matters at what time and in which surroundings you’ve eaten truffles, how big was your last meal, what is your mental state on this day etc. Alsol, not every person has the same amount of available receptors in their body, which causes a difference in sensitivity to psychedelics. However, if you’ve had a bad experience with one type of truffles (headache, nausea, etc.) then perhaps the other type can be a better fit. That’s something to keep in mind, especially if you use truffles for self-healing.

How to Start

Microdosing XP Truffles

If you don’t have time or desire to process and weigh truffles to prepare them for microdosing by yourself, then the Microdosing XP Trufflesmight be a good option for you. 


In our partner shop you can find these handy strips with 6 × 1 gram of fresh Microdosing XP Truffles ‘Mexicana’, airtight sealed. They are available for purchase within European Union.

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Always Store Fresh Truffles in the Fridge!

To guarantee the truffles will stay fresh for about a month after opening the package, it is essential to always store them in the fridge. If you do not have Microdosing XP Truffles but a 10, 15 or 20 grams package, place these truffles on unbleached tissue paper, kitchen paper or any other type of paper made to absorb moisture. This will prevent the truffles from coming into contact with too much humidity, which can cause them to mold.

Determine Your Sweet Spot for Microdosing

An important step to take when starting a microdosing journey is to determine the suitable dose, also called a sweet spot. Do you have experience with tripping and do you know how sensitive you are to psychedelics? Then take this into account when determining your choice.

We recommend starting on a day off with 0.2 g of dried truffles (which equals about 0.7 gram of fresh truffles). If you don’t notice anything, you can increase your dose slightly by 0.2 grams at a time to about 1 gram (0.25 grams of fresh truffles, up to 3 grams) in total. Be cautious while increasing: for some people 0.7 grams of dried truffles (1.5 grams fresh) will already have a slight psychedelic effect.

Read more on getting started with your Microdosing Routine

Truffles consist of 70% water and 30% truffle. In contrast to magic mushrooms, which consist of 90% water. If you want to find out more about differences between “Magic Truffles and Magic Mushrooms, read about the study conducted by Dr. Gartz.

Preparing Truffles for Microdosing

If you decide to prepare magic truffles for microdosing by yourself, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Prepare

Must haves:

  • Magic Truffles
  • Scale (this should be a 0.01 g scale for accurate measurement)
  • Capsules

Nice to haves:

2. Dry the Truffles

You can weigh and eat truffles straight from the fridge. However, if you first dry them and place them in a sealed container (jar or tupperware container), they will remain good for much longer. Remember that weighing them while they are still fresh can be very misleading. After all, you don’t know exactly how much water they contain. Also, even a single truffle can differ from others in potency, we recommend drying and grinding all truffles together to make sure all of your microdoses will have the same strength.

Tip: Cut the truffles as fine as possible with a knife. The thin slices dry faster and prevent mold. One of the primary environmental factors in which mold thrives is moisture. Therefore it is important to reduce the moisture content in your truffles as quickly as possible! Some fungi produce dangerous mycotoxins that can affect human’s health. If you store your truffles incorrectly and mold appears, you will have to throw them all away.

  • Let the finely chopped truffles dry on a clean cloth or kitchen paper
  • If necessary, use a fan to speed up the drying process (this is not mandatory)
  • Avoid using heat sources such as heaters or microwaves; there is a chance it will get too hot, so it’s preferable to dry the truffles gradually
  • If you have an oven that you can set accurately to the degree, you can dry your truffles at max. 45°C / 113°F. Pay attention! Heat breaks down the active ingredients of the truffles! The melting point of psilocybin is around 220-228°C / 428-442 °F.
  • Wait until the pieces of truffles are bone dry (when they are hard like small stones, or a chip of truffles snaps when bended); that will mean that all moisture has been removed and there’s no longer a chance of molding. They should be bone dry after 3 days of drying.

3. Grind Finely

Grind all dried truffles into powder using for instance a coffee grinder. It is an important step to grind and mix all the truffles together. They can differ in strength and by mixing them all together, you will make sure that all of your microdoses will have the same strength.

4. Test Capsules

Using the electric scales, prepare 3 capsules of different quantities: 0.2, 0.6 and 0.9 gram. Do this manually.

Remember to remove the weight of an empty capsule from the total weight. With most scales you do it by placing an empty capsule on the scale and pressing “Tare”. The scale will then not count the weight of the capsule.

It is essential to always carefully weigh the dose. Start with the smallest amount. If you feel that this dose is too low, take a higher dose the next microdosing day to feel the difference. This is the only way to find your sweet spot.

5. Encapsulate

After finding your sweet spot, fill a number of capsules with that dosage. This can be done by hand or with a capsule machine.

After capsulation you will still have to weigh the capsules and refill or reduce them if necessary. This way you will prepare multiple capsules of the ideal dose you feel comfortable with. It might take some time but it’s always faster than when you have to fill them one by one.

6. Store

Store your fully dried truffles in a cold, dry and dark place. Avoid direct sunlight as the UV radiation can damage the cellular structure and thus affect the quality of the truffles. For extra assured protection, it is best to store them in airtight jars such as this handy Stash box.

If you’d like to freeze the truffles, keep in mind that you have to properly dry them first! Freezing fresh truffles is not recommended as it can damage their cells causing loss of their potency. To freeze dried truffles, put them in a sealed bag with a zipper. They can be safely stored in the freezer for a long period of time.

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