microdosing guidance

Microdosing guidance

You want to microdose but wonder how? At Microdosing Institute, we believe proper guidance is the best way to get the most out of your microdosing experience(s). Therefore, we offer various forms of guidance that help you explore how to microdose — safely, consciously, and effectively. 


Video course explore microdosing

Have you been wanting to experience the benefits of microdosing but don’t know how to get started? The video course, EXPLORE MICRODOSING, is especially designed for you to learn how to microdose. By the end of the video course, you’ll not only be fully educated on all things microdosing, but you’ll also be 100% confident and ready to begin your microdosing journey.

1:1 microdosing coaching

microdosing coaching

If you feel you want a more personalized approach on how to microdose, you can get in touch with one of our experienced microdosing coaches. All of our coaches have a lot of experience with microdosing, possess a lot of knowledge, and are all certified coaches. During 1:1 microdosing coaching, they’ll teach you how to microdose, answer all of your questions, and provide support at any step of your journey.

microdosing coaching

Coaching & therapy network

microdosing coaching therapy network

At Microdosing Institute we build as many bridges as we can, because we believe widespread support is needed in the realm of microdosing. Therefore, we provide a network of coaches and therapists whose expertise fits into this work. With their expertise, they guide you through microdosing journey, and use other transformational tools to maximize your personal growth. 


At Microdosing Institute, we are unable to refer to vendors of illegal substances. Neither can we offer you any guidance nor advice on how to source substances that are illegal in your country or state. 

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