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To catalyze lasting change from within,
there's no practice like microdosing

Microdosing is more than a trend - it’s a powerful practice for deepening self-awareness and reconnecting to others and to the natural world. It allows your clients to disrupt unhealthy patterns, integrate new understandings of themselves and their environments, and achieve lasting personal growth—it belongs in the toolbox of every coach, therapist, or practitioner in the field of health and wellbeing.

Rather than a single large psychedelic trip, microdosing involves establishing a longer-term personal relationship to plant and fungi medicines that may support your clients as they integrate newfound awareness and insights into their everyday lives.

Microdosing can fast track your client's embodied transformation from within

Accelerated Growth

Microdosing enhances cognitive flexibility and may promote neuroplasticity, which supports clients to see-through old programming and establish new, healthier patterns

Embodied Transformation

Through reflection, coaching support, and active integration, clients go on to embody new patterns, generating lasting personal change far after a microdosing cycle ends

Authentic Connection

Microdosing can help your clients facilitate deepened authentic connection to themselves, the earth, their community and their purpose— helping them embody their truest self expression

I am proud to be in the first group of graduates from The Microdosing Institute. I applaud their vision, integrity and dedication to bring the benefits of microdosing to the larger community. They do so in a respectful way that honors both tradition and science. The Microdosing Institute trains us to be responsible professionals while at the same time encourages us to put our own signature styles on how we offer our microdosing services.

The thing is, there is not a one size fits all approach to microdosing...

Psilocybin, LSD, Mescaline, or another plant or fungi medicine? Raise or lower the dosage? Stamets or Fadiman protocol? There’s a lot to think about when building a microdosing practice that's safe, conscious and optimal for each client and their unique needs.

It truly takes a skilled practitioner to coach an individual towards building a healthy and effective relationship to their microdosing practice – one that fully supports them through a process of personal growth and transformation.

Even in microdose quantities, psychedelics are non-specific amplifiers—clear, knowledgable, and compassionate guidance is essential for an effective practice

Microdosing has the power to change lives. Especially when used alongside supporting practices and facilitated guidance from an expert, the results from a microdosing practice can be extraordinary.

That’s where you come in.

If you’re a coach, therapist, or health practitioner serious about accelerating your clients' growth and life long transformation...

Join The Microdosing Facilitator Program

This 10-month intensive study will help you feel confident to safely and effectively incorporate microdosing guidance into your offerings. Students will leave the training feeling prepared and supported to facilitate guided microdosing processes from intake all the way to integration.

Students will be holistically supported throughout the program via a combination of learning tools including our extensive 300+ page manual, hands-on experiential exercises, masterclasses with industry experts, real world coaching practicums, virtual knowledge integration circles, and peer-to-peer learning and mentoring.

A facilitator training like no other:

Hands-On Coaching Practicums

Giving you real world experience implementing the Microdosing Institute Facilitation Framework from intake all the way to integration.

Ongoing Mentorship

Designed to help you define (or refine) who you are as a coach and align your professional offerings with your strengths and core values.

Supported by Science

We’ve developed relationships with several leading scientists and researchers in the microdosing field. We can’t wait to introduce you to them.

Informed by Indigenous Wisdom

Learn directly from Indigenous voices to honor and incorporate ancestral teachings into your personal practice and coaching.

We believe that when it comes to a successful microdosing practice and effective facilitation, there's no single approach that works for everyone.

This program will culminate in a practical and tailored 6-Week Facilitators Lab to help students gain clarity into what types of offerings, methods and modalities that are most optimal for their own lifestyles, current professional needs, ideal clients, and future aspirations.

Within this lab, students will engage in guided co-working sessions to define (or refine) who they are as a coach while starting to organize their offerings, both practically and logistically, helping them feel confident to begin coaching or incorporating microdosing into their offerings immediately after the program concludes. In this final module, there will also be a heavy focus on learning how to create conscious, sustainable business models, while managing self-care to avoid overwhelm, burn out and other mental health challenges that can show up for space holders and service providers.

Course includes:

Hands-on Coaching Practicums with Real Clients

Virtual Knowledge Integration Circles

300+ Page Coach's Manual

Masterclasses With Industry Experts

Professional Community

Lifetime Access to Course Content Updates

Quarterly Calls For Continuing Education

Tools For Your Own Personal Expansion

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Brought to you by Microdosing Institute - the most trusted name in microdosing education.


Founded in 2017, we’ve now coached +2,000 students and have built a +60,000 member global community around the power of microdosing.

Microdosing Institute is a global education, research, and community platform building vital connections in society that merge ancient wisdom with modern science to ensure the safe, conscious, and effective microdosing of psychedelics.

MDI is the leading voice on microdosing, with deep ties to the world’s top researchers, psychedelic institutions, and Indigenous medicine leaders.

Firmly grounded in the latest research and practice, our science and mental health advisory team includes experts such as Jim Fadiman PhD, Kim Kuypers PhD, Connor Murray PhD, Xochitl Kusikuy Ashe, Jeanine Souren MSc, Regina U. Hess PhD, and Donca Vianu MD.

Microdosing Institute is now the premier institute in the world for microdosing.
I am at a place where I am asking questions to them for the things that I don't know enough about. They have not only become great friends but also an enormous resource."

Inside The Program:

In this module, students will gain practical experience by guiding each other in a peer-to-peer coached microdosing cycle. Learnings will focus on the technical side of microdosing coaching. Curriculum covered will include:

  • Microdosing Institute framework for coaching
  • Framework Deepdive: uncovering the screening and intake process
  • Navigating pharmaceutical interactions
  • Contraindications to microdosing with psilocybin
  • From the hero’s journey to the microdoser’s journey
  • Personal Evolution: Storytelling and understanding your personal healing journey

Expert Masterclasses in this module may cover the following topics: 

  • Microdosing and Medication Interactions
  • Microdosing and Mental Health Disorders/Neurodivergencies

In this module, students will gain practical experience by guiding a beginner microdoser through a 6-week microdosing cycle utilizing the Microdosing Institute framework for coaching. Curriculum covered will include:

  • Framework Deepdive: intention setting, dosing and protocols
  • Learning and practicing core facilitation skills
  • Navigating coaching red flags and challenges
  • Coaching through a trauma-informed lens
  • Creating your own professional’s and referral network

Expert Masterclasses in this module may cover the following topics:

  • Trauma-informed Coaching
  • Authentic Relating
  • Microdosing and the Nervous System

In this module, students will continue to gain practical experience with additional one-on-one coaching practicums applying feedback from the first two modules to continue to strengthen their facilitation skills. Learnings will continue to expand your understanding of advanced coaching tools and introduce the topic of integration. Curriculum covered will include:

  • Integration – what it is , practices, and tools for facilitating the integration process
  • History of microdosing
  • Honoring and incorporating ancestral wisdom into your work with plant medicines

Expert Masterclasses in this module may cover the following topics:

  • Decolonizating our work with psychedelics, practicing inclusion and encouraging diversity in the psychedelic space
  • Honoring Ancestral Wisdom in your work with plant medicines

In this module, students will participate in a microdosing science research lab led by a leading microdosing researcher. Additionally, students will embark on a practicum to lead a microdosing 101 workshop for beginning microdosers – summarizing their learnings in the program to date. Curriculum covered will include:

  • Understanding research – challenges in clinical research, how to utilize anecdotal vs. clinical studies, understanding how to interpret scientific publications
  • Microdosing medicines beyond psilocybin – an introduction to microdosing with LSD, mescaline, B. Caapi Vine, and Amanita Muscaria

Expert Masterclasses in this module may cover the following topics:

  • Research Lab – A scientist’s review on significant publications on psychedelics and microdosing
  • Integration Models

In this module, students will embark in guided co-working sessions to define (or refine) who they are as a facilitator and identify future areas of personal development while starting to organize their offerings, both practically and logistically. Curriculum will include:

  • Ethics
  • Identifying your Scope of Practice
  • Self-care for facilitators
  • Lifecrafting / Personal leadership / Work-Life Balance

Masterclasses in this module may cover the following topics:

  • Rewriting your ancestral relationship to money: an Indigenous perspective on abundance
  • Students will contribute to the group knowledge space by offering a mini-masterclass or workshop to the group during this module

*Curriculum and masterclasses subject to change

Here's what past students have to say:

Program Details:

Time investment: The total time investment for this program is 6-10 hours per week. This includes: attending live sessions/masterclasses, self-learning, co-working, peer-mentoring, and coaching practicums. 

Pre-requisites: The Microdosing Institute Facilitator Training builds heavily on the knowledge gained in the 6-Week Microdosing Immersive, and as such, completion of this program is a pre-requisite of our Microdosing Facilitator Program. Completion of the 6-Week Microdosing Immersion does not guarantee acceptance into this program.

Start date: March 3, 2024

Scheduling: Live sessions take place every 2-3rd Sunday from 4-7 PM Amsterdam Time / 9 AM – 1 PM Eastern Time / 7-11 AM Pacific Time. All sessions take place via Zoom and are recorded for those unable to attend live, although it is recommended to attend at least 80% of the virtual sessions. Each module is 6-8 weeks, separated by 2-4 week long study breaks.

Online training: All training and practicums take place online, therefore, from module 1 onwards, students are expected to get acquainted and comfortable with using Zoom, PDFs, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Email, chat app Signal and community app Discord. We advise each student to be self-responsible with regards to technology use and spend time familiarizing themselves with these technologies as it will contribute significantly towards a smooth and joyful learning experience. 

Learning style: This training is highly structured and relatively fast-paced with a strong emphasis on experiential learning. Our students are expected to self-assess, self-monitor and self-evaluate their learning process based on pre-set learning goals. The learning style includes active absorption of materials, applying frameworks and protocols, and merging of newly acquired skills and knowledge during coaching practicums. This is not a classic form of education (‘receiving knowledge’) but rather a co-active learning process similar to the reality of how coaches and trainers work with their clients. When paired with mindful attention to planning, self-organization, seeking support, tapping into resources, trusting one’s capacity for growth, and taking lead, this helps lay a strong foundation for our students to walk their professional path with confidence and resourcefulness. 

This course contains the information and support I wish we had when we started Microdosing Institute. As the practice and the science behind it continues to evolve, we have refined what works into a flexible framework that can effectively support personal growth.

Meet Your Instructors:

Jennifer Rotermund - Lead Facilitator

Entheogenic Psychologist and Lead Facilitator at Microdosing Institute
  • Microdosing coach and educator
  • BS in Psychology, with an emphasis in Behavioral Neuroscience (University of Houston)
  • Entheogenic integration & addiction recovery coach
  • Cannabis health & wellness coach
  • Shamanic practitioner/sacred ceremonialist

Ana Badila - Assistant Facilitator

Microdosing Guru
  • Microdosing coach and educator
  • Psychedelic facilitator

Meet your Masterclass Contributors:

Spirit Pharmacist
Medicinal Mushroom expert

Mikaela de la Myco

Sacred Ceremony Facilitator

Connor Murray

Microdosing Researcher at UCLA
Trauma-Informed Leadership Expert

Marjorie Schreurs

Neurodivergency Coach

Julie French

Authentic Relating Facilitator
Microdosing Researcher, Author

"Each piece leads up to the next ... the coaching practicum and the pod are significant factors in making this experience powerful! Would take away the important foundation pieces of each ZOOM session and all the material developed. All excellent."


Yes. This training builds heavily on Microdosing Institute’s 6-Week Microdosing Immersive, and participating in it will provide you with an embodied understanding of the journey your future coachees will make. 

Yes. Both our faculty of educators and students are joining from different geographical regions and bring in a variety of cultural, spiritual and professional backgrounds – we believe this benefits all other students as they grow their capabilities to support people through deep processes of transformation. Students will work in small groups on a weekly basis, to process the learning materials, support and mentor each other during practicums, and learn to co-organize and co-facilitate. We connect as a cohort to share knowledge and resources, and encourage students to network and cultivate deeper connections beyond the framework of this training.

We believe that high quality training programs should be available to all individuals who are dedicated, motivated and intentional about their wish to become a skilled, ethical, knowledgeable and compassionate microdosing facilitator. As such, application is open to all individuals who have demonstrated their potential towards the above qualities and commitment during their participation in the 6-Week Microdosing Immersive. 

The value of this training lies in the acquisition, development and refinement of knowledge, skills, frameworks for coaching or facilitation, case studies and mentoring, all related to microdosing with psychedelic substances, to the benefit of the student’s current or future professional practice. This training caters to all (aspiring) wellness and mental health workers, faciliators of personal growth trajectories, coaches and therapists, regardless license, prior education and experience level. Upon completion of this training, graduates are not granted a license, certificate or credits recognized by governmental institutions or educational institutions other than Microdosing Institute. Students will receive a certification of completion and the ability to market themselves as a “Microdosing Institute accredited Facilitator”.

Upon completion of this training, graduates are not granted a license, certificate or credits recognized by governmental institutions or educational institutions other than Microdosing Institute. 

Even though (certain) psychedelic compounds are increasingly legally available for therapeutic, medicinal, traditional, religious or recreational use, it’s important to realize that each country, state or local government has binding legislation in place that might obstruct a legal practice as a microdosing facilitator. Microdosing Institute is unable to provide specific education or training with regards to the legality of facilitating microdosing in the context of professional practice NOR for providing microdosing substances to others (clients) as a part of this practice. As of today, many professionals practice underground or in a gray zone. We strongly advise to consult with your local authorities and seek professional legal advice to understand your options. 

We are working on several initiatives to help make this training program financially accessible to people from different economies of scale, BIPOC communities and populations with limited financial resources. More information will be available soon. 

This 10-month intensive study requires a € 5697 investment. Payment plans are available and discounts are available to those who pay in full.

Register now and gain the confidence and knowledge you need to begin safely and effectively working with microdosing to transform lives

Registration requires completion of our prerequisite 6-Week Microdosing Immersion which teaches you the fundamentals of microdosing, and gets you up to speed for this professional-level course. 

This 10-month intensive study requires a € 5697 investment. Payment plans are available.

After completing the 6-week microdosing immersion, you can secure your spot on the next cohort by submitting a deposit of € 497. Upon receiving your payment, we’ll connect with you personally to complete your application.

Please note that your payment reserves your spot, but does not guarantee admittance to the program. If you are not admitted for any reason, your deposit will be refunded in full.

Microdosing Institute is now the premier institute in the world for microdosing.
I am at a place where I am asking questions to them for the things that I don't know enough about. They have not only become great friends but also an enormous resource.

Effective microdosing protocols start with a plan.

Download the Microdosing Coach's Framework to see how microdosing can be integrated into an existing protocol.

From our students:

I’m currently in this coaching program and I can’t say enough good things about it! So much heart and soul and wisdom. The facilitators are amazing, the guest speakers are powerful and offer such deep wisdom and cutting edge research. If you’re thinking about it, do it!


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