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Microdosing Experience: What Microdosing Did for My Family Life

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Microdosing can have advantages for the individual, but things become even more interesting when we start to see positive effects on the family and friends of the person who is microdosing. Therefore, we are thrilled that community member Daphne wanted to share her experience with us. She used to face difficulties in her family life and tried microdosing to restore balance.

Daphne’s experience

All my life I have had a chaotic brain. My mind rattles on constantly, but strangely enough, I can also be very lazy. I often get depressed episodes which linger for a long time. My general attitude is “the glass is half empty”.

Luckily, this came to an end when I became a mother in 2017. Life was so much more beautiful, I felt happier and more productive, and could let things go much easier. I finally lost weight and made choices that required more effort but made me much happier, for example: changing jobs.

Conflicts and arguments

Unfortunately, this all turned back around when I got pregnant for the second time. Due to a lot of pelvic pain during the pregnancy and the stress it caused, I slowly fell back into my old negative patterns. I argued a lot with my partner and my little daughter, who at the time prefered to be away from me. Shestayed with her grandma half of the time and cried hysterically when she had to go back ‘home’. It absolutely broke my heart.

“Just keep going,” I thought, “Once the baby is born, everything will turn out fine.” But it didn’t. Instead, I turned into an emotionally unstable, hyper-stressed mother. I went to see the experts with my newborn baby; from the family doctor to the homeopath. I had the feeling that there was something ‘wrong’ with my baby. Until one evening. I was crying with the baby in my arms when he smiled sweetly at me while my daughter rubbed my back. I suddenly realized: I am the problem!

Personal microdosing experiment

I value my privacy and didn’t want to burden anyone else with my problems. Therefore, I started to do my own research on the internet and came across Microdosing.nl. I thought: “Right. I’m sure tripping all day will make me happy, but it’s not realistic with a busy family life.” Until I read experiences that actually claimed the opposite. The effects (such as being more productive, more in touch with emotions, and feeling less heavy) appealed to me. I thought, why not just try it.

I started with 0.25 gram of psilocybin-containing truffles. The taste is best described as chestnut, but more earthy. Not very tasty, but it’s doable. Unfortunately, it gave me a headache and made me feel drowsy. I was convinced that it was not for me. However, in the Facebook support group, they advised me not to give up just yet, because it’s not uncommon to experience some side effects in the beginning.

And they were right! After three weeks I felt like a completely different person. As a mother and nurse I have many different responsibilities and this suddenly took hardly any effort.

Solutions instead of problems

Busy shifts at work were easier to handle. Even on hectic days with my toddler and restless baby, I began to think in terms of solutions, instead of problems. I became more aware of my priorities. I also started thinking more practically; I bought a single bed so I could sleep separately in peace and quiet when my husband would be snoring. I planned moments of rest (e.g. creating moments for myself without the children). I also let my daughter help me with the baby so that I could simultaneously entertain my daughter and care for the youngest without any stress around me. And the list goes on.

I also expressed my feelings more freely to my partner, who suddenly started helping me a lot more with the kids and housework. Even our intimate life got a boost. I went to a dietician (because after two children I had gained thirty kilos) and wanted to take good care of my body.

My current situation

My daughter still wants to go to grandma sometimes, but after a night’s stay she asks when she can go to mom again. And that is really what I wanted. Our house has become a home again, and I  feel lighter and happier. All of this thanks to a ‘little mushroom’. I still can’t believe it but I really have become the person I want to be. No floaty stuff, no trippy experiences, just alerter, more authentic, more present than ever.

Microdosing Institute is not responsible for the content of the experience stories, we cannot verify them for truth, correctness or accuracy. What is described is not necessarily supported by scientific evidence or by doctors or experts. The experiences should in no way be read as advice or recommendations.

Your story is powerful ✍️

Your experience can help orient other microdosers, and benefit the community at large. Consider taking a couple of minutes to write down your experiences with microdosing (positive or negative).

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