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Microdosing Experience: Microdosing with Iboga

Microdosing with Iboga

I met Iboga 6 years ago. I had no idea about it, it just crossed my path. I didn’t hear about its effects, my new friend (now love of my life) introduced me to it and I started to microdose it regularly. I used to smoke these days and after a couple of months I gave it up, without effort. It happened naturally, I just switched to a vaporiser with weed. Most of the times I microdose with Iboga TA extract, by just taking a bit of brown powder on the tip of my finger and keep it in my mouth. I do this few times a day. I also take capsules with root bark, like from 3 to 10 capsules per day, it depends. There is another way – to make a tea out of bark – just put a spoon of blended bark into hot water and let it soak for a bit. This tea can be drunk during one or a few days depends on how strong I want it.

Meeting iboga changed my life completely. It worked on my whole being, helping me to redesign myself, put light on many unconscious parts of myself. During these ages my food habits changed towards more healthy, I gave up my sugar addiction, naturally, with no effort. Iboga on a regular basis somehow changes the way food tastes. Things which are not that healthy stop to taste good. And I start to enjoy healthy things much more. So the shift happened. I also became more meditative, do many practices, free dancing, arts – and all that became much deeper together with iboga.

Iboga leads me towards the Truth

I sometimes mix iboga with other medicines. My favourite combination is ibogaine and LSD. LSD is a powerful tool of reprogramming the self and iboga gives to it spiritual guidance. Iboga is great also with mushrooms, San Pedro, weed… I have tried all of these mixes and can surely say that iboga enriches all the medicines, and if someone has a difficult trip, it can help to get out on a safe track again.

I also once tried to microcode iboga just before a session with holotropic breathing. That was a very deep and positive experience. It is not only about healing addictions… After some time, maybe a few months of regular microdosing of iboga, I started to feel the telepathy of nature, how trees are speaking with each other, I could understand the animal’s language… I live in the village and our neighbours have sheep, cows, horses. Every day I was visiting them and connecting with their visionary telepathy. Cows seem to be super-intelligent being, shared with me many things… I also deeply felt how unhappy they are to be locked it that farm wile outside shines the sun and they never can come out. Iboga is very compassionate and also shows the truth. I stopped visiting cows after a while, it became too much sad for my heart. Iboga always leads me towards the Truth. I can not lie to myself with iboga, it shows me who I really am. I learned a lot from it.

Aligned with my true Self

It also showed me about my past life and explained some things about my ancestor karma. Similar principle I met in family constellations. It’s kind of showing to my soul some answers which I was not aware of and understanding of these new things releases a lot of fresh energy so the healing happens. When I microdose iboga it feels like coming out of good meditation. Align with my true self. Being more aware of own thoughts. And also being more positive and optimistic about life. It is human-loving medicine. It makes me care much more about the future of our race, about the environment, being honest with myself and caring about others. I learn more and more about self-love and love to speak with others about this wonderful medicine. I am continuing microdosing iboga. It is really changing my life and doing it in the most gentle way.


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