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Microdosing Experience: Intuitive Microdosing Protocol for PTSS and Asperger’s

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There are a multitude of ways to go about microdosing. But one thing always applies: the most important thing to do is follow your intuition. Community member Nel shared her experience with us. For us, it was very valuable to learn more about how she used microdosing for her PTSD and Asperger’s.

Nel’s microdosing experience

I would like to share with you my experiences with microdosing 1cp-lsd and fresh Microdosing XP truffles, and why unfortunately, the Fadiman and Microdosing Institute protocols don’t work for me.

Why Microdosing?

I have PTSD. I am a very sensitive person and often feel overstimulated. I have also had anxiety disorders in the past. Fortunately, thanks to using plant extracts, I’ve been having them under control for quite some time now. On top of that, I have ASD (Asperger’s). In terms of self-medication I have tried a lot, but in spring it was so bad that I seriously considered taking antidepressants, even though ideologically I am actually against them. At this very moment I happened to come across microdosing on the internet and it caught my attention.

My personal situation

I am married and have two little girls (four and five years old). Currently, I am in the process of starting an online school for biochemical body processes. I also have my own practice. All in all: nice and busy.

I travel a lot for business (at least, I did before the pandemic hit), which causes me to sleep very irregularly. This makes it hard for me to follow a protocol. Sometimes I microdose two times a week, sometimes every other day, or sometimes even two days in a row followed by four days without. For me, microdosing in the early morning on an empty stomach doesn’t work at all. I prefer to take my microdose somewhere between 11 AM and 13 PM.

1cP-LSD v.s. Microdosing XP truffles

After extensive research, I decided to try 1cp-lsd. I myself am a phytotherapist, and plants (truffles, paddos etc.) have my preference. So I ordered some magic truffles as well.

My first microdose was three drops of 1cp-lsd, but because I was focussing more on “practicality” instead of “set & setting”, it gave me a panic attack. I then had a long conversation with Hein, microdosing coach on this site (always good, some advertising). Hein reassured me and gave me some useful tips on finding my Sweet Spot. By the way, I have had some experiences with drugs in the past but haven’t done them for a very long time.

After this experience I waited until the summer vacations. Three weeks of nature camping seemed to me like a suitable moment to find my sweet spot and to experience the difference between LSD and truffles.

Microdosing on fresh truffles (1.25g)


  • My perception of colours and 3D perspective became more intense
  • More connection with nature


  • Abit nauseous with stomach aches the first 2 hours after ingestion
  • Effects only lasted for 4 to 5 hours (which made me want to take another microdose drink alcohol – which I didn’t really want to do)
  • Hardly any flow noticeable the next day (transition day)

Microdosing on 1cp-lsd (15-17 drops)


  • More subtle than truffles
  • Longer lasting effect (± 8 hours and no desire for alcohol afterwards)
  • I’m still sensitive but I’m less emotional and don’t get stuck in a bad mood (feelings come and go)
  • I take things less personally
  • I am not as easily irritated as before (this was confirmed by my husband who knows nothing about microdosing)
  • The thoughts that always run on autopilot in the back of my head are less (if at all) noticeable
  • A nice flow when I do chores like cleaning (tackle things that needed to get done for a while)
  • Flow feeling that lasted the entire transition day


  • An agitated or restless feeling the first 2 hours after intake
  • Hyperacusis after ± 45min – 2 hours after intake (all sounds are perceived very intensely)
  • I often felt a bit depressed or as if someone put me in a gray cloud. But somehow, I am not bothered by it very much (difficult to describe)
  • I cannot stay focused when doing work on the computer
  • If I take fewer drops I still have the restless feeling and can’t concentrate properly


After three months of microdosing, I found that for me, 1cp-LSD works better than truffles. However, I am not yet done searching for the perfect substance for me. I am about to microdose with San Pedro cactus. I am also planning to join the online Microdosing San Pedro research, which Microdosing Institute started in cooperation with Maastricht University. I am very curious what the difference will be with the other substances. I will send an update later.



Microdosing Institute is not responsible for the content of the experience stories, because we cannot check them for truth, correctness or accuracy. What is described is not necessarily supported by scientific evidence or by doctors or experts. The experiences should in no way be read as advice or recommendations.

Your story is powerful ✍️

Your experience can help orient other microdosers, and benefit the community at large. Consider taking a couple of minutes to write down your experiences with microdosing (positive or negative).

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