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Microdosing Magic Truffles for PMS (premenstrual syndrome)

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Our community member Maaike Boere shared her microdosing experience with us. She has had positive results for her PMS symptoms and much more. Thanks so much, Maaike for speaking out by sharing your story.

If you feel that you are completely balanced, you live in the ‘now’ (present) a lot and are very aware of your own feelings and behaviour – and you have a very good focus and are also creative, entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and super energetic. Then you really don’t need to read any further and you can be very happy and grateful that you are experiencing this.
Are you reading this now and thinking: “I wish I had all of this? Then read about my experience with microdosing and maybe a whole new world will open up for you…

There are several reasons why I started microdosing and I would like to share them with you. I hope that many women will get rid of their PMS symptoms thanks to my blog. I also hope that men will be inspired to give it a try. I would say grab a cup of coffee or tea and read my blog without judgement!

Suffering from PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome)

I started microdosing because I’m always in my head and a real worrier. And also because I have been suffering from PMS, or Pre Menstrual Syndrome, since the age of 30.

Every month from my ovulation until the first day of my period, I had my period. For no less than six years, I had to deal with feelings such as irritability, gloominess, fatigue, sleeping badly and anxiety every month. It sometimes seemed as if another person crawled inside me; scary, isn’t it, what hormones can do to you? There was never really anything wrong with me physically, it was really psychological! I also hoped that microdosing would bring me closer to myself and get rid of my fear of abandonment.

I followed a microdosing schedule for 3 months, of which the first month was a schedule of 1 day on and 2 days off. This schedule is the Fadiman protocol; he is the founder and father of modern microdosing. After two months I took a two-week break and then I went on a different schedule; one day on and one day off. This schedule is also called the Microdosing Institute protocol. This protocol was developed 3 years ago by the Microdosing Institute together with Fadiman. Many competitors now claim to have developed this protocol.

More energetic and productive

I want to share my experience with you so that you get an idea of what it can bring you, which is really bizarre. On the first day, I made a sloppy mistake, but I still like to share it with you. I had cut a truffle out of the package and I had read that you had to swallow it without chewing. That is exactly what I did and a little later I read more about what was supposed to happen and then I read that it is best to take 0.5 grams (half!) when you do it for the first time. I panicked for a moment and was afraid that I would start hallucinating, but fortunately, it was not that bad and my panic was not necessary.

I did notice a slight tension in my jaw which lasted all day. I also had a lot more energy and I noticed that I was very productive in the house. It was Saturday so that was good; I started doing my house like a madman, but I noticed that I did things much more accurately than usual. And I noticed that I was more cheerful than usual. Not a bad start, I thought. Later in the afternoon, I felt like doing a workout, which I don’t always feel like doing on Saturdays.

I felt very motivated and really enjoyed all the exercises I did and it seemed like I could do them for longer than usual. Then I went for a walk for half an hour because the sun was shining and I really enjoyed it. I then started listening to a podcast by Thijs Lindthout about microdosing. I found it super fascinating and I really enjoyed being outside, the sun and the optimistic feeling I had. When I came back, I was a bit tired and I went to lie down for a while. I wanted to try to sleep but I couldn’t, so I did a meditation. Then I had a difficult moment and cried very hard. It was as if something in me said; go on, let it go, keeping your sadness inside can make you sick.

The next day I also felt more energetic and productive. I started the day as I had done for several weeks before with a short meditation from Meditation moments. Since I have been doing this, I am calmer, happier and feel more trust and love in my body/mind. I used to meditate 3-4 times a week just before I went to sleep, but now it has become a way of life; I wake up with it and I go to bed with it. I soon noticed that by microdosing I could meditate much better and go much deeper than before. Since meditating twice a day I am much more grateful for little things and I can see things in perspective much better. With a cup of coffee in the morning and a good book or while walking; I seem to see and appreciate nature and small things more. The magic truffles seem to support me in this. Furthermore, I did my bookkeeping that day without hearing even once a negative inner critic that I normally hear 80 times before I do my bookkeeping, haha!

Be careful with coffee, pure chocolate and Cacao

The second time (on day 4) I took a truffle, I started with 0.5 grams of fresh truffle. I also felt something of it, but a lot less than on day 1. I also noticed that drinking 2 coffees is quite heavy; the effect of caffeine is enhanced so 1 is really more than enough. Dark chocolate or a dark raw cocoa drink also has an enormously strengthening effect; so be careful with this. As on days 1 and 2, I felt more productive and slightly happier, so I was actually enthusiastic to continue. When I came out in the monthly week before my cycle I was so surprised; normally I am a pain in the ass and sometimes feel really down and not myself. Now I actually felt quite relaxed and I was just happy and relaxed. Also, for the first time in 6 years, my breasts were not tense or sore, so it was quite a strange sensation. Later on, I read a scientific article about the favourable effect of microdosing on women with PMS symptoms.

My goal: less PMS symptoms

So now I’m more than three months further on and I’m very happy and very grateful to the person who advised me to start microdosing as well!
It has brought me a lot of wonderful things and I will definitely keep doing it in 2022 with breaks of several weeks. It feels to me as if microdosing has given me a push in the back during my ‘transformation process’. My goal was to have fewer PMS symptoms, but also to say goodbye to my old behaviour and old patterns that sometimes showed up in my relationship, so that I would feel more comfortable and self-confident and would no longer have to live in fear, but only in love and trust.
All in all I feel more;

  • Inner peace / contentment / inner strength
  • Self-love
  • Gratitude
  • (Self) Trust
  • Relativity
  • Positivity
  • Perseverance
  • Creativity
  • Spirit of enterprise

Being on the right path

Microdosing has definitely contributed to this, along with all the other developments. Like the two Reiki courses and initiations and the course ‘Spiritual growth’ by Marjolein Berendsen. Also, together with meditating, I started tapping daily into EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) affirmations to be able to let go of certain incorrect beliefs about myself. I will write more about EFT in another blog article soon! Through microdosing, I also came into contact with ‘trauma release & breathwork’ at Magaia in Delft. This evening was so wonderful and intense at the same time, that I kept getting the feeling that I should do something with this too. Shortly after this evening, I decided to attend a 3-day training in trauma release & breathwork so that I can do more with this in the future. I am really following my heart more!
I finally have the feeling that I am really on the right path and sometimes I can cry out why I did not discover and try all this earlier! I was totally disconnected from my feelings; for years I pushed them away and because of fear real love could hardly, or not at all, flow. Microdosing in combination with giving and receiving reiki is the perfect combination for me and makes me a better version of myself. A happier and calmer person, without PMS complaints!

Have you become enthusiastic and curious after reading my blog and do you also want to start microdosing? I recommend that you first learn about microdosing before you start. Watch podcasts and read blogs and How-to articles on the website of MDI. You can also choose to work with a coach who will guide you in your microdosing process.

Whatever you do, do it well! And… Do all things with love!

Maaike Boere, born in the village of Nieuwe Wetering, which is close to Leiden. In 2008 I graduated from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, where she studied Nutrition & Dietetics. She had now over 13 years of experience as a dietician and in 2018 she obtained the accredited title of ‘Lifestyle Coach’. She doesn’t just look at nutrition, but I also focus on sufficient relaxation, sleep and exercise. Alcohol and smoking are also topics that are regularly discussed if people want them.

Check out Maaike’s website here.

The Microdosing Institute is not responsible for the content of the experience stories, we cannot verify them for truth, correctness or accuracy. What is described is not necessarily supported by scientific evidence or by doctors or experts. The experiences should in no way be read as advice or recommendations.

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