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Microdosing Experience: Microdosing with Plant Medicines and the Connection between Mysticism and Practice


Currently, microdosing is often looked at from a scientific perspective. However, there is also a mystical side from which one can view the topic of microdosing. Recently, one of our active members from the private Microdosing Institute Facebook group posted a very interesting blog, followed by a Q&A on microdosing. We would like to share this with you. Catharina Bruyning is a bridge builder between mysticism and practice. Thank you Catharina, for sharing your beautiful and inspiring story.

The True Vine

There is an excerpt from Bashar in which a woman asks him a question about the “lower life forms” of the plant world. Without hesitation, he asks in return what gave her the idea that a plant is lower than a human being. While she thinks about this, he teasingly jabs at her, “Come, come, think like a plant!”

Everything in the plant world is in a continuous state of meditation. Nothing in between, directly connected to the source. Nothing on the planet contains more light than nature. Anyone can feel this, as it charges everyone.

In December, I did an early morning meditation by our brand new Christmas tree. It’s quite a happening every year, such a sprightly entity in the house, and letting it die in your living room. Because of the latter, I talked myself into not doing it again, and did the Ho’Oponopono meditation: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”

“Well, if we’re going to think that way, why don’t you take that bag of spinach out of the fridge as well,” replied the Christmas tree. “I am the Source, whether I am pressed into carbon atoms with sunlight and water or released from them. Thank us. Enjoy us. And remember that we know what we are. We are always free.”

There are plants whose purpose is to remind us that we are also free. Ayahuasca and Psilocybin mushrooms, for example. To the horror of those who know about them, they are carelessly thrown onto the same pile as alcohol and other drugs in mainstream media.

Especially when it comes to microdosing, this misconception is too big to be true, but I will explain some of the contradictions.

Alcohol and other drugs have a narcotic effect. It leads away from the body, blurs boundaries. Microdosing intensifies body awareness, it makes you alert and aware of your possibilities but also of your limits. And gives you the peace to handle this respectfully, while alcohol and drugs lead to agitation, under/overestimation and disrespect.

Where alcohol and drugs destroy neurological connections, medicine plants create them. Excessive use of alcohol and drugs creates a split between intuition and body, divides heaven and earth. Psilocybin connects and strengthens this connection.

Also, a medicine plant brings you closer to your feelings, to your vulnerability and your strength, while alcohol and drugs dull you and lead you away. And perhaps most importantly, alcohol and drugs create dependency, while the medicine plant stimulates independence.

The nobility of these medicine plants shows itself in the intrinsic effect of always pointing out what you have to do, in terms of emotional development, diet or lifestyle choices, in order to ultimately make themselves superfluous.

Here the True Vine, the divine consciousness, shows itself. The True Master does not create slaves but trains masters. The Mother Goddess who supports and encourages always inspires to go further, with foot on the ground, eyes on the Light, and from the heart. Not to end up with Her, but with an ever more authentic version of your Self.

Catharina Bruyning, 2019

All rights reserved©

“I am the true vine, you are the branches. The one who abides in me while I abide in you produces much fruit because apart from me you can do nothing.”

John 15:5

Q&A with Catharina about her Microdosing experience

Q: What is your experience with Microdosing?

A: I’ve been doing it for six months now, and microdosing is changing me from the very essence of my being. It feels like I’m being rewritten. Yesterday, after a long day, my six-year-old child ripped the curtain off the ceiling while playing hide and seek. Now I’m not the type to yell or spank anyway, I treat my child and pets with respect. Like me, they do make mistakes from time to time. But the assertive calmness with which I now reacted ‘Okay, I’ll go fix it right away, it’s kids bedtime’ , without annoyance, without frustration or disgust, that’s new to me. And I’m very happy about it. This was two days after my microdosing day. I feel more alert, more social, more calm, more friendly, more able to see the humor in things, and more aware of how I feel, where my limits are, and when I’m at my limit.

Q: Do you microdose with LSD or with Psilocybin?

A: Both, but with a strong preference for Psilocybin. I grow my mushrooms myself, and feel they work closely with me. They steer towards my authentic self and what I really need. With LSD, I feel a little more like the drug is imposing its will on me: Thou shalt be creative/social/funny. Whereas the Psilocybin says, “If you need a nap, take a nap.” That’s closer to me, it’s more honest.

Q: What are side effects of that enhancer under your perceptual awareness?

A: A real trip is very different from microdosing. A serious psilocybin ceremony requires a month of preparation – dietary requirements, a therapeutic setting, a reliable tripsitter, and so on. Microdosing doesn’t expand your consciousness, it actually brings you closer to a centered self-awareness. This is not just hoplala tralala, this is about your truth. If you need it to grieve, to be angry, or to sleep, or to finally show that one false friend you’ve stayed nice to for too long the door, microdosing points out where you have work to do. If you ignore where the plant teacher points out that you need to be, you will feel it in your body as nausea or numbness, and you will likely lose interest in microdosing quickly.

Q: Will the legalization of Cannabis eliminate microdosing?

A: No, because it is a completely different drug. I am for legalization, but personally I am against alcohol and other drugs. It numbs you, it’s addictive, it destroys brain cells and it disrupts your connection to your true core, to the source. Sure you are high for a while, but then you come down again. Up, down, up, down, there is no end to it, as it’s never enough. Microdosing is the opposite of this because it doesn’t have that addictive effect. On the contrary, it’s inherent to the medicine plant to make itself obsolete over time. It’s not addictive, it makes you alert instead of absent, it creates brain cells and neurological connections instead of destroying them, and it points out your boundaries instead of making you cross them. And it doesn’t disrupt your connection to the core, it actually strengthens, clarifies and empowers it.

Q: Shouldn’t we be able to heal ourselves without using medicine plants in the process?

A: If you go that way I expect to see you in the kitchen tonight banging a few rocks together to make a fire. Not to mention that phone in your pocket that you didn’t make yourself. If there are improvements and new techniques, we are allowed to use them. Beyond that, the brain is an organ, just as much as the heart or kidneys are. I have yet to meet the first person who tells a heart or kidney patient that they should be able to heal themselves without any aid.

Q: Do you feel less like yourself on days when you don’t take a microdose? Don’t you feel worse?

A: No, because the drug is a calm guide. On a microdosing day, you feel like yourself, but more honestly. Sometimes this means crying, or feeling the anger about something, or whatever is going on. When you push away feelings, it is not like they are no longer there. On the contrary, no matter how deeply you hide it, your feelings and beliefs about yourself and the world seep into the things you say, decisions you make, and how things appear to you. Creating an inner environment where you are allowed to be there with everything that is, right where you are right now, takes courage, loving attention, and perseverance.

With microdosing nothing is swept under the carpet, which is another difference with alcohol and drugs. You are more aware of yourself and where you have work to do. And the medicine plant starts working with you from a deeper connection to your essence. Because you work on all this with more peace, more lightness, more clarity, more openness and creativity. On the days you don’t take a microdose you are just yourself. The psilocybin is still working with you, it’s not like an addictive drug that gives you a kick and then drops you. Again, the comparison to alcohol/drugs is completely flawed. With microdosing the teacher stays with you. You need those two days of rest to work on the insights and instructions. Very slowly, step by step, you feel yourself changing, becoming more powerful and calm. The medicine plant does not work against you, but works with you, and it requires patience and respect to undertake this journey together – you and the medicine teacher.

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