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Battling Burn-out with microdosing

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Our community member Puck shared her microdosing experience with us. She has had positive results and aleviated her burn-out and much more. Thanks so much, Puck for speaking out by sharing your story.

Microdose helped me get better during my burn-out. What a special experiment was my first experience with microdosing with the Microdosing XP truffles. At least it started as an experiment. But it also felt like a last resort for me back then.

The Burnout Struggle

I have been at home with a burn-out for 1.5 years due to work. Something I always thought wouldn’t happen to me, and I always thought that a burn-out was a bit of fatigue. But it was more than that… The first two months, I couldn’t do anything but sleep, and sometimes I couldn’t even comb my hair; that’s how exhausted I was. I could hardly do anything. Too many noises, those stimuli, I couldn’t stand it.

Descending into Despair

When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I even had a panic attack in the busy center where I wanted to buy all kinds of painting stuff for distraction. At that time, I developed a kind of street fear. I didn’t visit busy places anymore. This didn’t suit me like that, and I knew that I had to take this seriously and get help. I was really anything but myself.

This was anything but easy. A year of looking for a psychologist, someone who could help me, I felt desperate and hopeless. A burnout is so much more intense than it seems to outsiders; only when this happens to you do you know what it is. It literally felt like the real me, the person who was always in my body, was gone. Yes, it sounds very dark, but it really was. I felt depressed, which I never really knew or felt. That felt very gray and lonely.

The Microdosing Journey Begins

The wait for help took so long, and microdosing truffles suddenly came my way. I don’t know how I came up with this because a burnout really destroys your memory it seems! And I miss a lot of memories from that time and great loss of time awareness.
Anyway. My last resort was experimenting with the truffles. I started to delve into this and have done full research and gathered information in advance.

Started microdosing, and I was very impatient for the first two weeks. I thought because of my negativity, you see this doesn’t work either. But still, I persevered and gave it time; I didn’t want to give up either.
After the third week of microdosing, there was a moment at the end of the day when I thought, what a good week I actually had! I feel so good! I even sang out loud in the car again! A great feeling of joy came over me! This was exactly what I needed!

Every week I tried to look back at how it had gone, and I saw that I was really taking steps! These changes and the different way of looking at things, the signals, the things I felt again. It gave me the feeling that I was finding myself again. And that feeling after a very long unpleasant period is really a gift! You can see light in the distance again at the end of the tunnel.

Synergy of Therapy and Microdosing

The weeks that followed got even better. Because finally, I had found a psychologist that I went to every week. I immediately had a good click with her, and I immediately told her about my truffle process during the intake. She reacted with interest and knew it from hearsay, but not how this works.
The combination of therapy and the truffles is, in my case and my opinion, a golden recipe. And the ideal way to work on your personal development.

Tools for Change

All the tools I got and conversations we had, it helped me so much! Things we discussed that had been bothering me for years, for example, suddenly became very clear during the conversation, which often made me think: why do I see this completely differently now? How is it possible that this problem is so meaningless all of a sudden? I didn’t need any assignment or time to work on it because I saw things much more clearly. I looked at things from a different angle, but very clearly and differently. It didn’t feel like the Microdosing XP truffles did that either, but it just happened naturally in a kind of natural way. My mindset just changed, and actually went all by itself. More peace and tranquility.

Somehow, it happens all by itself. You just forget about those truffles. And it feels like your brain has everything a little clearer in order. I found this very special.
Well, because of my burn-out, I had a memory like that of a goldfish, and it is known that this recovery can take up to a year for some. I noticed that the memory was slowly recovering; small things that I could no longer save got better and better over time.

But also small things that were now irritating habits for me, such as that I could often postpone things until the last minute, even those things I suddenly did differently. I thought why not equally? Those were nice changes for me and plus points that I could laugh about myself! And there are more habits that I thought were part of me and simply lacked some discipline. But I got a different attitude. I was able to pick up things faster that I wanted to change and was able to think about things quickly and clearly.

Well, for me, the contrast was, of course, very big. Because I came from a very long period where I was really burned out and depressed suddenly into better times. Then the changes of feelings and mood that you see are, of course, very striking.

Reflection on Personal Growth

And, of course, you don’t necessarily have to have very big problems if you also want to take on this process. But you have to do it with a goal for yourself, I think. And take a moment for yourself to go through the day or the week so that you can take a good look at what effect it has on you as a person. I often forgot that I was microdosing. I think that’s the best part of my truffles experience.
The treatment with my psychologist went off like a fast train, and I was able to tick off one after the other, so that I could pick up my normal life again quite quickly.

Lessons Learned and Looking Forward

Microdosing has added so much to my life. The connections your brain makes, that’s exactly what I’ve seen happening to myself. In a nice natural way.
Of course, I was very curious if those habits would disappear during my quit period. But this is not the case, fortunately. The “new” habits or way of thinking calmly didn’t go away when I stopped. They’re kind of reprogrammed in my brain it seems. And as I write this, I remember so well that I thought during my burn-out, will I ever be the same again? No, you don’t become your old self after a burn-out. I have become a different version of myself. Strangely enough I also learned things from a burn-out that will be of great use to me later on.
For anyone who is thinking about Microdosing. Do your research first. Check out the 101 page of this beautiful website. Read other people’s experiences on MDI’s community group, try to set a goal for yourself and experience it for yourself. I would like to thank the Microdosing Institute team for this opportunity to share my story.

…..Now one year later I am also truffling again for the third time. This is very nice, especially during big changes in your life.
I experienced the burn-out violently but thanks to these great experiences I also have a new path that I am walking. That is spiritual path, do a lot with my personal development from the first truffle experience and I like that very much!

Love Puck

Microdosing Institute is not responsible for the content of the experience stories, we cannot verify them for truth, correctness or accuracy. What is described is not necessarily supported by scientific evidence or by doctors or experts. The experiences should in no way be read as advice or recommendations.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with microdosing. It’s truly powerful to hear how it helped you during your burn-out. I´m also doing my own microdoses at home. Your openness about viewing it as both an experiment and a last resort highlights the complexity of seeking solutions during difficult times. Your story serves as a beacon of hope for others who may be facing similar challenges, showing that there can be light at the end of the tunnel. Keep sharing your journey—it’s inspiring and incredibly valuable to others who may be seeking alternatives for healing and growth.

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