Microdosing Day


How has microdosing improved your life?

May 27 is International Microdosing Day! 
Each year, microdosers across the globe are encouraged to share something about their personal experiences with microdosing using the hashtag #MicrodosingDay


Support Microdosing Research on Microdosing Day

To foster community conversation and promote scientific research on the practice of microdosing

Dr. James Fadiman Microdosing Institute

To honor the work of Dr. James Fadiman, the father of modern-day microdosing #HappyBirthdayFadiman

Breaking the stigma on Microdosing Day
To raise awareness to end the stigma on the use of entheogenic plants and psychedelics


Share your story to celebrate Microdosing Day

Share how microdosing* has positively impacted your life on your preferred social media network on Thursday, May 27 


When you share, use the hashtag #MicrodosingDay so that the community can connect with your story

Support the global community on Microdosing Day by following the hashtag #MicrodosingDay

Follow the hashtag #MicrodosingDay and leave encouraging words of support for community members

*For legal safety, do not share your substance or source on social media


Dr. James Fadiman is the author of several books on psychedelics and transpersonal psychology and the founder of the Microdosing Psychedelics movement.

#MicrodosingDay is a celebration of more than 10 years of modern microdosing, a movement that started when James Fadiman (whose birthday is on May 27th – no coincidence!), published his booked The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys. Following this publication, he shared his research protocol with people who had decided to try microdosing, and invited them to send him their stories afterwards.

Fadiman’s contributions to modern-day microdosing have been paramount to growing the knowledge and awareness of the practice. Thanks to his project, we have discovered best dosing practices, workable protocols, effective stacking practices, and have developed methods for tracking results. We have also learned how to reduce harm and equip people with knowledge to start making better choices and live healthier lives.

We’re beyond grateful for his contributions that we stand on, and are delighted to honor him and his work! 


Encourage scientific research on microdosing

Microdosing has been shown anecdotally and through citizen science to be effective for ADHD/ADD, PMS, headaches, depression, social anxiety, pain management, and inflammation reduction – just to name a few potential therapeutic and medical applications. It has also shown to improve self-love and have a positive effect on relationships.

De-stigmatization of microdosing and psychedelics

This will help provide better access to millions of people that could benefit from this practice but are currently unable to do so. Legal restrictions,  judgment, inequality and social injustice make it impossible for many individuals around the globe to explore psychedelics safely and without unfavorable consequences.


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Microdosing Institute is an education, coaching, and community platform that fosters safe, conscious, and effective microdosing. Since 2017, we advocate for a realistic, well-informed perspective on microdosing. Founded in the Netherlands, where some psychedelics are legal, we have grown a highly engaged community of 5000+ members and have individually guided hundreds of people through their microdosing journeys.

Microdosing Institute invites you to join in for the Microdosing Day celebration by either sharing your personal story on May 27th or by becoming a Microdosing Day partner.

#MicrodosingDay Partners

Thank you for being a part of the global community and helping to grow awareness, break stigma, and support healthy community conversation on the practice of microdosing.

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This is a mission-focused, non-profit project. We ask all partners to moderate and remove any post that does not follow these guidelines.  Please urge anyone who does not respect these to remove their post or remove the hashtags.

  • We only accept non-commercial posts. The hasthtag, #MicrodosingDay, is not intended to promote / sell / offer psychedelics to any audience
  • In most countries, all psychedelic substances are illegal – it might be best to avoid mentioning your microdosing substance and source on social media
  • The hashtag, #MicrodosingDay, is not intended to convince anyone to try psychedelics, or sign up for a psychedelic experience that is not at their own initiative
  • We do not accept posts in which people claim the title of healer, shaman or therapist while they lack the credentials
  • We do not accept disrespectful, untruthful, harmful or offensive posts

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