Can Microdosing Be Combined With Medication or Supplements?

Can I microdose while taking drug X? This is one of the most frequently asked questions for researchers and experts in this field.

James Fadiman and Sophia Korb have therefore compiled a list of supplements and medications that have not caused, to date, any negative interactions in combination with microdosing. The list stems from the data collected through their long-term study from hundreds of subjects who have microdosed independently with (mainly) LSD, 1P-LSD or psilocybin. For other substances, nothing is known yet.

Check the list here: Microdosing: drugs and supplements

We want to emphasize that this list does not guarantee that you can microdose safely and responsibly while taking any of the medications listed.


  • Always consult your doctor first if you plan to combine, stop or phase out.
  • Remember: no one is currently knowledgeable enough in the field of microdosing to be able to advise you on stopping drug use. If you want to phase it out because you suspect that microdosing is a better alternative, consult with your doctor and research the pros and cons!
  • Have you experienced problems with microdosing in combination with your medication? Or do you have an addition to the list? Please report this via this page or contact us.

Handy table to see which substances can be combined and which can’t:

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