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Microdosing 101

What You Need to Know

First things first. 

We believe that proper education is the way to empower microdosers to make informed decisions, exercise their sovereignty, and live a better life. The most important theory regarding microdosing is covered right here, in Microdosing 101. 

Learn How To Microdose

Now, let’s get practical.

The practical guide below provides a starting roadmap for your journey. This microdosing guide features detailed, comprehensive information about microdosing substances, protocols, getting started, and optimizing your microdosing experience. Remember, a small dose can lead to big changes – over time and when done with intention.

Video Course: Hands-On Learning

Prefer learning step-by-step from videos? (Yes, like watching a cooking show!)

Our video course Explore Microdosing offers 2.5-hour of essential videos + 12 hours of bonus materials + monthly calls. As a student, you benefit from the extensive knowledge of our team with the experiences of our 30,000+ member community, scientific findings, mentorship of Dr. James Fadiman, and thousands of anecdotal reports from microdosers all over the world.


The content on this website and the other Microdosing Institute channels is for informational and educational purposes only, and does not substitute professional medical advice or consultation with healthcare professionals. If you are seeking medical advice, diagnose, or treatment, we advise you to consult a medical professional or healthcare provider. Equally, we cannot help with the sourcing of illegal substances.


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