Table Talk w/ Kasper van der Meulen: Microdosing, Breathwork, and an Important Daily Reminder

kasper van der meulen talks about microdosing and breathwork

Kasper van der Meulen

We had the pleasure to sit down with breathwork specialist, biohacker, and best-selling author, Kasper van der Meulen. In the podcast, we talk about Kasper’s personal journey, the benefits of breathwork, and how microdosing has deepened his path of healing and self-development. He states the reasons why he has integrated microdosing into his breathwork courses and trainings.

In this podcast, Kasper explains how to use breathwork to inquire about your current mental and physical state. Tune in to what your body needs and how to respond to this, and how microdosing has supported this process. He elaborates on the importance of experiencing altering states of consciousness and the normality around certain substances such as coffee and alcohol.

Furthermore, he shares his predictions about the future of society, psychedelics, and microdosing and why every coach should be aware of these developments. Besides all his incredible insights on the power of breathwork and microdosing, he shares an important daily reminder. 

microdosing kasper van der meulen breathwork

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Listen/watch the full Table Talk with Kasper van der Meulen on Youtube. 

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