Microdosing Podcast w/ Dr. James Fadiman — The History of Microdosing, Citizen Science, and the Future of Healing

Who is Dr. James Fadiman?

Dr. James Fadiman is a psychologist focusing on transpersonal psychology, the author of several books, including The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide, and founder of The Microdosing Movement. His book was the first publication to mention microdosing, and due to his significant contributions to modern-day microdosing, you might also know him as the Father of Microdosing. 

For many years, he has been actively collecting anecdotal reports on microdosing experiences and remains astounded by the overwhelmingly positive experiences people from all walks of life keep reporting. Thanks to his project the acceptance of microdosing has increased, and we are closer to discovering best practices, useful protocols, effective stacking methods, and efficient tracking of results. He continues to share his insights and helps steer the microdosing community and researchers in the right direction. 

psychedelic explorer's guide microdosing james fadiman
Book, The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide by James Fadiman

Microdosing Table Talk Episode 3

After conducting a popular microdosing podcast with Dr. Fadiman nearly two years ago, founders of the Microdosing Institute, Hein Pijnnaken and Jakobien van der Weijden reconnected with Dr. James Fadiman for another insightful conversation. Again, James allows them to tap into his profound wisdom, knowledge, and perspectives on microdosing, research, and healing. 

In Episode 3 of our microdosing podcast, Microdosing Table Talk, he shares how decades in the field of psychedelics grew his interest in the topic. He also shares that while he has become known as the father of microdosing, there is a deep tradition and history of the practice amongst indigenous peoples. 

While looking from a psychologist’s perspective, he examines the relationship between microdosing and healing practices. He shares the secret of the “sweet spot” that’s applicable beyond the world of microdosing, how microdosing can help with tapering (gradually weaning off medication), and why microdosing could—  in some cases — be preferred over macrodoses. 

Furthermore, he explains both the cause and effect of the biggest challenges with microdosing and psychedelic research, the importance of citizen science, his role in the story of modern-day microdosing, his vision of the future of psychedelic and microdosing therapy and retreats. 

All while staying humble, providing real-life stories, and keeping up a good sense of humor, this conversation is insightful, inspiring, and must watch for anyone interest in deepening their understanding of the practice. 

Listen or watch the full microdosing podcast Microdosing Table Talk with Dr. James Fadiman on Youtube.


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