Microdosing podcast w/ Erik Westerduin — Pure Cacao As A Sacred Drink

Introducing Pure Kakaw founder Erik Westerduin

Amsterdam local Erik Westerduin and his partner Leonie want to introduce people to high-quality ceremonial cacao in its purest form. Their company Pure Kakaw is the result of their fascination of the effects that cacao has on our body and mind. Erik loves the jungle, complex ecosystems and searching high-quality cacao at agroforestry farms. For him, a cacao drink does not start with the beans, but the soil and ecosystem where it grows.

Microdosing Table Talk Episode 7

In this podcast, Erik (and Leonie, who joins in for the last 20 minutes), they offer further insight into how anyone can enjoy pure cacao as a sacred drink — including if you want to amplify the effects of microdosing.

Topics covered in this conversation:

  • The dark side of chocolate
  • Cacao farming in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Peru
  • The earliest consumption of cacao (fruit)
  • The difference between cocoa powder, pure ceremonial cacao, and chocolate
  • Cacao and microdosing with psilocybin
  • Traditional uses of cacao in Central America
  • Health benefits of pure cacao
  • Erik’s passion for permaculture
  • Microdosing, cacao and yoga
  • Recipes and ingredients to prepare delicious cacao drinks

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