Microdosing podcast /w Ana Maria Badila — Microdosing for Inner Freedom

Join us for a profound conversation about psychedelics as a tool for transformation and achieving freedom with one of the pioneering microdosing coaches of these times, Ana Maria Badila.

About Ana Maria 

Ana Maria is a Romanian-born psychedelics educator and personal growth enthusiast. She has a bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Special education and always loved learning about the human potential and depths of our psyche. In 2017, psychedelics introduced her to a transformative journey, shifting her understanding of the human psyche from intellectual to embodied wisdom. Now – as a psychedelic guide and microdosing coach – she empowers others to find inner freedom (and more!). You may know her from her educational platform Microdosing Guru, and Odin, the first journal for microdosing with systemic tracking, and the Microdosing Stories Podcast.

Microdosing Table Talk Episode 20

In this episode:

    • Ana’s early experiences with MDMA and other psychedelics
    • Pioneering as a microdosing guide
    • The value of tracking your experience
    • Protocols vs. intuitive microdosing
    • The Hero’s Journey
    • How to identify and break with your limiting beliefs
    • Tips for people who primarily use their ‘thinking mind’
    • Three words that lead to inner freedom
    • The future of microdosing
    • The Dreaming + Discipline recipe

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