Microdosing podcast /w Mama De La Myco — Intuitive Microdosing and Mushroom Matriarchy

On this podcast the Microdosing Institute team interviews guests who make important contributions to the microdosing field. With Mama De La Myco, we dive deep into the context in which we microdose and grow our relationship with sacred earth medicines: as parents, as children, as cyclical beings who are longing to remember their origins.

About Mama De La Myco

Mikaela De La Myco was born into a first-generation italian, afro-caribbean and detribalized mexican family who lived in unceded Tongva territory, Los Angeles. Her education comes from years walking the paths of sacred intimacy work, temple arts, circle keeping, mexica ceremony, and womb care facilitation, all under the care of teachers and guides.

Mikaela now practices in occupied Cahuilla and Kumeyaay territory, San Diego, California. As a mushroom matriarch, she creates much needed education and spaces for unmet populations in the psychedelic renaissance, with an emphasis on mothers, bleeding people and family communities. Her primary focus is holding community based circles where people can journey through the dark amenta to uncover their ancestor codes, explore and rewrite trauma-wounds and make meaning with mushroom and other earth medicines.

Microdosing Table Talk Episode 11

In this episode:

  • Mikaela describes her way of life
  • Growing up with ritual and ceremony
  • Embodying the wisdom of folk medicine and herbalism
  • Towards a society that is psychedelically literate
  • What is mushWOMB consciousness?
  • Violence against the womb, and the consequences
  • The role of the womb in the pursuit of liberation of all people, beyond women
  • Entheogens in the birth world: ergot and LSD
  • Microdosing and breastfeeding
  • Leading a family while following the instructions of sacred earth medicine
  • How to grow a deep, personal relationship with your sacred medicine?
  • A plea for intuitive microdosing

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Connect with Mikaela and her work

Website: www.mushwomb.love

On Instagram and TikTok: @mamadelamyco


Learn more

Purchase a replay of Mikaela’s Masterclass from March 19, 2023: Microdosing with Entheogenic Medicines Beyond Psilocybin https://microdosinginstitute.podia.com/workshop-microdosing-medicines-beyond-psilocybinhttps://microdosinginstitute.podia.com/workshop-microdosing-medicines-beyond-psilocybin

Lecture: Entheogens In The Birth World: The Science and History: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDTAo-Q4WDc

Blogpost: Microdosing and breastfeeding: How safe is it? https://microdosinginstitute.com/health/microdosing-mushrooms-while-breastfeeding-how-safe-is-it/


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