Microdosing podcast /w Andrea Shuman—Reclaim Your Health Story With Microdosing and Herbs

In this riveting conversation with Andrea Shuman we speak about microdosing as a practice in the context of the quest for healing. How can we use natural medicine to restore balance and reclaim what was lost or oppressed in ourselves, and then in society?

About Andrea Shuman

Andrea Shuman has been in the field of alternative health and healing since 1997 as a bodyworker, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Master herbalist, and founder of Mycrodrops.

Andrea has been working with psychedelics personally since 1995, and professionally since 2018.  She has a specialty in women’s health and a love of Paradox and nuance as well as a deep desire to help the world become more comfortable holding multiple truths at once. Andrea has had her own journey into the watery shadows of motherhood and depression and has made it back to the shore and is on a mission to help others reclaim their joy and sense of self-worth. 

Andrea created Mycrodrops as the first of many offerings to make microdosing more effective, and use functional mushrooms and herbal extracts, to empower people, especially women, and femmes (femz) to reclaim their mental health-story and narrative. 

Microdosing Table Talk Episode 12

In this episode:

  • How Andrea’s interest in holistic health got kickstarted
  • What does ayurveda do well (compared to western medicine)
  • Dosing versus microdosing from an herbalist’s perspective
  • Why herbs are meant to work in symphony
  • More effective microdosing through a symphony of herbs
  • The energy of a substance: LSD vs (psilocybin) mushrooms
  • The epidemic of medication overprescription
  • Differences in how women and men are diagnosed and treated by doctors
  • Antidepressants and ADHD medication
  • How we grow up determines our mental health journey
  • The need for personalized natural medicine
  • How can personalized natural medicine favor marginalized communities

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