Microdosing Podcast w/ Dr. Regina U. Hess — Interconnectedness, Rootedness, and Belonging

Introducing dr. Regina Hess

Dr. Regina U. Hess is a clinical psychologist, researcher, supervisor, and holds a PhD in transpersonal psychology. Born in Germany and working internationally, she’s specialized in the multidimensionality of trauma and transformation for more than 20 years. She is a board member of the Swiss Medical Association for Psycholytic Therapy, and develops and teaches integration programs and trainings for professionals at the MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Sciences.

Regina works with plant medicine and psychedelics for many years, and she embraces the practice of microdosing too. In our recent conversations, it showed that Regina’s mission goes far beyond therapeutic work and teaching. The aspects of ceremony, initiation, interconnectedness, rootedness, and shamanic healing have come up a lot. No better time than now, to sit down for a table talk with Regina, to dive deeper into how these aspects connect to a mindful, conscious microdosing practice. And more importantly, look at how we can elevate ourselves and our communities once we tap back into the indigenous wisdom – that our modern world almost lost connection with.

Microdosing Table Talk Episode 4

As an expert and elder in the field of psychedelic therapy, Regina’s teachings can be best described as interweaving the worlds of trauma-informed somatic psychology, psychotherapy and creativity, including transpersonal, transcultural and indigenous approaches, and drawing in particular on a deep ecology and transgenerational perspective.

In this podcast, Regina, Jakobien and Hein dive deep into many of these worlds, touching on topics like:

  • The 5 pillars for working with altered states of consciousness – consciously and ethically
  • How psychedelics can help with rooting ourselves
  • Healing our past and present
  • Near-death experiences and other altered states of conciousness
  • The divine feminine
  • Darkness retreats
  • Microdosing for creativity
  • Microdosing at night – the Nightcap Protocol
  • Connecting with the sacredness of nature – in an intimate sensual way
  • Can we move forward towards a harmonious, civilization that honors all life?

And furthermore, how does all of this help us in building a colourful and connected future in the physical reality?

Listen or watch the full Microdosing Table Talk with dr. Regina Hess on Youtube. 

Work with Regina U. Hess

Regina teaches a 5-day intensive psychedelic integration course Beyond Experience at the MIND Foundation. This program is facilitated is Berlin, Amsterdam and Portugal, and is open to both professionals and individuals who want to learn how to integrate altered states of consciousness. Learn more about Beyond Experience

Learn more about Dr. Regina U. Hess’s work on her website.