Microdosing podcast w/ Felix Blei — Uncovering the Magic in Magic Mushrooms

On this podcast we interview guests who have made important contributions to the microdosing field. In today’s episode, we’re talking with Dr. Felix Blei. As a microbiologist, he takes us on a journey into the fungi kingdom, breaking down what makes mushrooms ‘magic’.

About Dr. Felix Blei

Felix is a pharmaceutical microbiologist based in Jena, Germany. He is lead scientist in the first German state on-site drug checking project ALIVE, and the founder and CEO of Miraculix, which provides rapid, affordable testing for alkaloids in food and drugs – such as magic mushrooms. The focus of his research has been the biosynthesis of indole alkaloids in Psilocybe mushrooms. His work has made important contributions to understanding the composition, extraction and biosynthesis of psilocybe; offering insight into effective synthetic production of psilocybin.

Microdosing Table Talk Episode 10

Topics covered in this conversation:

🧫 How Felix got his PhD through researching psychoactive mushrooms
🧫 What makes the fungi kingdom fascinating?
🧫 What are magic mushrooms?
🧫 Psilocybin and other alkaloids
🧫 The most potent in psilocybin strains are….
🧫 How you can avoid your mushrooms to lose potency over time
🧫 An exciting recent discovery
🧫 Microdosing mushrooms for mental health
🧫 Our understanding of mushrooms is actually still limited
🧫 Recently discovered health risks
🧫 Home testing: know your substance, know your dose
🧫 The Stoned Ape Theory
🧫 Why are mushrooms here?

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