Microdosing podcast w/ Eline Haijen — The Impact of Microdosing on ADHD, Wellbeing, Cognition, and Emotions

In this episode we sit down with a guest who is making important contributions to microdosing research: Dutch psychedelics researcher Eline Haijen. She recently published promising research findings on microdosing and ADHD.

About Eline Haijen, Ph.D Cand.

Eline is a PhD candidate at the department of Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology, Maastricht University. Her background is in psychology, and she obtained her research master degree in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience, with the specialization in Neuropsychology. 

Right now, she investigates the emotional, cognitive and possible therapeutic effects of low doses of psychedelics in healthy- and patient populations. 

With her work, she also aims to get a deeper understanding of how psychedelics impact our biological mechanisms, sleep and well-being.

Microdosing Table Talk Episode 9

Topics covered in this conversation:

📜How Eline found her way into psychedelics research
📜The current state of microdosing research
📜Clinical, placebo-controlled studies versus naturalistic studies
📜Why the research findings often contradict each other
📜Microdosing for more connection
📜The role of our mindset
📜Microdosing as a supportive tool for ADHD
📜How much is a microdose?
📜Taking breaks between microdosing cycles
📜Microdosing and the female cycle
📜Microdosing and sleep
📜Tips for people who want to get involved (microdosers and professionals)

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Connect with Eline and her work 

Microdosing and ADHD study results

Eline Haijen on Twitter

Psychopharmacology research at Maastricht University

Psychopharmacology in Maastricht on Twitter

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