Microdosing podcast w/ Darren LeBaron — The Ancient Roots of Microdosing

Darren Le Baron is an educator, psychedelic researcher and mycologist based in the UK. Known around the world for his Shroomshop Master classes he is a keen mushroom cultivator and teacher. He has been growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms for over ten years and has translated his home growing experiences into a social enterprise. He is an Organic Horticulturist and Permaculture tutor who supports schools, businesses and so called hard to reach communities around the world to create holistic and sustainable working systems. 

Darren is a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker who is passionate about sharing his research and findings on ancient African plant medicines, the history and various applications.

Microdosing Table Talks Episode 23

  • How mushrooms became powerful allies for Darren
  • Building relationship with a living and breathing organism
  • Young black communities, street life and “lightening the load”
  • Curiosity as a starting point towards an inclusive, societal framework
  • Did the Little People (earth’s first human population in Central Africa) use psychedelics?
  • The Divine Cosmic Mushroom as the origin of all life
  • Many records of ancient mushrooms use across the planet
  • Warrior energy and rites of passage
  • Dance is our most ancient healing modality
  • Microdosing and teenagers, children, young mothers
  • Microdosing and education
  • Humans as spore spreaders
  • Mushroom capsules or gummies vs. growing your own 
  • A call for more dialogue and gatherings that celebrate diversity

Disclaimer: Microdosing Institute is an information platform and a community with the sole purpose of providing education on microdosing. We do not encourage the illegal use of psychedelics. Even though we discuss the many benefits of microdosing, we do not claim that microdosing is proven effective as a medicine, medicinal aid or supplement, or that it could be seen as a replacement for conventional therapies or medicines.

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