Microdosing podcast /w Danielle Nova — Microdosing for Addiction Recovery

We recorded a heartfelt, inspiring conversation with Danielle Nova, Founder of Psychedelic Recovery & Executive Director at San Francisco Psychedelic Society.

About Danielle Nova

Danielle is a transformational guide that counsels individuals through addiction recovery, microdosing, psychedelic integration and spiritual metamorphosis. The purpose of her work is to assist individuals with awakening and transcending out of patterns that are no longer serving them – so that they can live free, joyful and empowered lives. She leads trauma-informed medicine retreats with indigenous tribal leaders to honor native medicines and their lineages. Danielle is the Executive Director of San Francisco Psychedelic Society, founder of Psychedelic Recovery, co-founder of Metamorphosis Medicines and was on the founding team of Decriminalize Nature Oakland. She specializes in building a conscious global community where she has provided education into the sacred intentional practice of psychedelics for thousands of people across the globe.

Microdosing Table Talk Episode 14

In this episode:
  • Danielle’s backstory of being addicted to multiple prescription medications in her 20s
  • What it’s like to be in a severely debilitated state
  • Identifying as an addict – and other labels
  • The withdrawal process: opiods, benzodiazepines, others
  • “Replacing drugs with other drugs”
  • Recovering your true identity
  • LSD microdosing and brain recovery
  • The keys to avoid relapse
  • The power of language
  • The science of energetics, belief and consciousness
  • The wisdom of indigenous tribes: Yawanawa, Shanenawa, and Huni Kuin
  • Communities where addiction is not present
  • Decolonizing: repairing the relationships between indigenous people and the West
  • Decolonizing our relationship with sacred earth medicines
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Join a retreat with Danielle

Metamorphosis Medicine organizes their next retreat on May 2-12, 2023 in the Sacred Valley, Peru. Metamorphosis medicines prioritizes honoring indigenous commnities, medicines and their lineages – offering you this opportunity to learn how you can heal, learn and grow with an indigenous tribe that has been working with sacred plants for 1000s of years as a part of their culture. The future is ancestral! More info: www.metamorphosismedicines.com A special discount is available for our community — email connect@metamorphosismedicines.com Instagram: @connectwithd 

Connect with the SF Psychedelic Society

Psychedelic Society San Francisco offers courses, classes and a membership program — and COMMUNITY. Join their free psychedelic recovery groups, integration circles, and support groups via www.psychedelicsocietysf.org  Instagram: @psychedelicsocietysf @psychedelicrecoveryorg 

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