Microdosing podcast /w Bob Wold — Microdosing for Busting Cluster Headaches

With Bob Wold we sat down to talk in detail about how psychedelics can be a safe and effective treatment for one of the most painful and mysterious health conditions: Cluster Headaches.  

About Bob

Bob was diagnosed with Cluster Headaches approximately 45 years ago which eventually led him to found Clusterbusters in 2002. Clusterbusters was founded upon the principles of the need for psychedelic research proving its benefits as a safe and effective treatment for cluster headaches, one of the most devastatingly painful conditions known to mankind.

Since the founding of Clusterbusters, the organization has grown to be the largest cluster headache support and advocacy non-profit organization in the U.S and beyond. Bob’s work with Clusterbusters has included research projects carried out at institutions such as Harvard and Yale in the US, McGill University in Canada and Hannover Medical School in Germany. In addition to his work as Executive Director of Clusterbusters, Bob sits on the Board of several headache disorder patiënt associations and advocacy groups, and the board of the Illinois Psychedelic Society.

Microdosing Table Talk Episode 18

In this episode:

    • What it is like to suffer from Cluster Headaches
    • Bob’s 45-year journey as a Cluster Headache patient
    • Cluster Headaches versus Migraines
    • How come psychedelics can bust an attack or break a cycle
    • Comparing treatments
    • Microdosing protocol for preventing Cluster Headaches
    • Dosing protocol for aborting Cluster Headaches
    • An interesting non-psychoactive alternative
    • Why there is still a big lack of research
    • Three reasons that keep people from treating their CH with psychedelics 

Disclaimer: Microdosing Institute is an information platform and a community with the sole purpose of providing education on microdosing. We do not encourage the illegal use of psychedelics. Even though we discuss the many benefits of microdosing, we do not claim that microdosing is proven effective as a medicine, medicinal aid or supplement, or that it could be seen as a replacement for conventional therapies or medicines.

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