6 Week Microdosing Immersive Program

Where ancient wisdom meets modern science to help you expand and nourish your mind, body, emotions, and spirit

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To catalyze lasting change from within,
there's no practice like microdosing.

Microdosing, the practice of semi-regularly engaging with a tiny amount of a psychedelic substance, is more than a trend - it’s a powerful practice for deepening self-awareness and reconnecting to others and to the natural world.

When used with intention and supporting practices and guidance, microdosing can help you disrupt unhealthy patterns, integrate new learnings about yourself and your environment, and achieve life long personal growth.

We will help you identify a powerful intention for microdosing and give you the tools, knowledge, and support needed to make it your reality.

Multidimensional Benefits

Experience microdosing's potential across the four dimensions of being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – to facilitate life long personal growth and well-being.

Honoring Ancestral Wisdom

Engage with earth medicines while honoring centuries-old traditions, fostering a deepened connection to your ancestors and the earth.

Transformation at the Core

Compassionate and trauma-informed facilitation alongside microdosing can support the shedding of old conditioning and transformation of limiting beliefs.

If you're ready to transform your life with microdosing...

Join The Microdosing Immersive Program

A holistic online microdosing program, crafted to guide you on your individual journey towards greater health and well-being.

This program is built on the groundbreaking work from pioneering microdosing researcher, psychologist and author James Fadiman, PhD, and eight years of wisdom and experiences from our invaluable community.

Modern science offers a grounded, data-informed approach that we passionately teach our students. But participants are also encouraged to look at this practice through an ancestral lens. Microdosing can be a unique opportunity to embrace the indigenous mindset, which centers around the interconnectedness of all things and our personal and collective relationship with all elements of nature, including sacred earth medicines.

This unique program is facilitated by both Indigenous and western facilitators, and allows you to fully harness the potential of microdosing through community, personalized support and powerful integration tools. 

What can you expect to gain from the program?

Throughout this 6-week program, you will be closely guided in your microdosing journey with a strong emphasis on the following elements:

A Foundation of Microdosing Know-How

Gain a strong foundational understanding of microdosing; including in-depth support on dosing and protocols

Holistic Self-Care

Explore supporting tools that help you get more out of your microdose, like meditation, embodiment and somatic practices, and journaling

From Intention to Integration

Learn to set powerful intentions, monitor your progress, and transform insights into positive, integrated actions

Compassionate Guidance

Be seen, heard and empowered through intimate group sharing circles. When desired optional private one-on-one coaching sessions with our team of expert facilitators (extra charge)

Ancestral Wisdom Put Into Practice

Explore and honor psilocybin as a sacred earth medicine through the lens of ancestral wisdom

Intimate Community Learning

Benefit from connecting with a diverse, global group of participants. Groups are kept at an intimate maximum of 14

Program includes:

Weekly 2.5 hour Virtual Integration Sessions & Sharing Circles

Optional 1 0n 1 coaching (extra charge)

Tools For Your Own Personal Expansion

Weekly Reflection Sessions with your Partner-Guide

Weekly Videos and Assignments

Online Personal Logbook / Journal

Continuous Access to Learning Materials

Opportunity to Become a Facilitator*

*For professionals looking to incorporate microdosing facilitation into their work, this program serves as an introduction and prerequisite to the Microdosing Facilitator Program for professionals.

What past participants have to say...

A lot can happen in six weeks! Listen to past participants share about their experiences!


Duration: 6 weeks. 

Upcoming editions:

  • 26th of August, 2024 (First online Live session 31st of August)

Live Integration Sessions on Zoom:  

Saturdays at 7.00am Pacific Standard Time / 10am EST / 15.00 GMT / 16.00 CET  

Partner-Guide Sessions: Weekly, suited to your schedule

1:1 Coaching Sessions (optional): Biweekly, suited to your schedule

Group size: max. 16 people 

Eligibility: Application is open to individuals and professionals worldwide who have legal access to psilocybin-containing sacred earth medicines, such as (self-sourced) mushrooms or truffles. Substance is not provided by Microdosing Institute or the facilitators.

Continued Learning: If you are a professional (coach, therapist, health worker, researcher) aspiring to incorporate microdosing into your work or offerings, you will also be eligible to apply for enrollment into Microdosing Institute’s Facilitators Program after your completion of this 6-week program.

Brought to you by Microdosing Institute—the most trusted name in microdosing education.


Founded in 2017, we’ve now coached +2,000 students and have built a +60,000 member global community around the power of microdosing.

Microdosing Institute is a global education, research, and community platform building vital connections in society that merge ancient wisdom with modern science to ensure the safe, conscious, and effective microdosing of psychedelics.

MDI is the leading voice on microdosing, with deep ties to the world’s top researchers, institutions, and indigenous medicine leaders.

Firmly grounded in the latest research and practice, our science and mental health advisory team includes experts such as Dr. Jim Fadiman, Kim Kuypers, PhD, Connor Murray, PhD, Xochitl Kusikuy Ashe, Jeanine Souren, Regina U. Hess, PhD, and Donca Vianu, MD

Microdosing Institute is now the premier institute in the world for microdosing.
I am at a place where I am asking questions to them for the things that I don't know enough about. They have not only become great friends but also an enormous resource."

Weekly breakdown of your experience :

The program begins by building a foundation of microdosing knowledge through self-guided videos. Students will also be supported in defining a powerful and impactful intention to serve them throughout the program.

  • Introduction to the practice of microdosing: benefits, risks, dosing, calibration, tracking your experience
  • Your intention as a starting point: How to understand it, set it, measure it and achieve it; Uncover the intention inside of your intention
  • Mindful consumption: understand the external substances, energies and situations that may affect your (mental, physical, emotional) energy levels

You will begin working with another student in the program, your partner-guide, to help each other more deeply reflect on your journeys. You will also delve into building a relationship with your microdose as ancestral medicine and understand the role of Earth and Spirit in this practice.

  • Introduction to the an ancestral worldview and Indigenous perspective on the practice of microdosing
  • The 4 dimensions in which the effects of microdosing manifest themselves: Physical, Emotional, Cognitive and Spiritual
  • Begin your calibration week to find your optimal dose or “sweet spot”
  • Receive and offer peer support  

You will continue your microdosing calibration period over this week. You will learn how to approach calibration and tracking, and establish a controlled and safe experience for yourself. You will be sharing your observations from this experience with the group, your partner-guide and your coach.

  • Using the journal as your main tool to document your observations and monitor your progress
  • Calibration week: Navigating beneficial and challenging effects, finding your ideal dose(s), and developing a personal relationship with your ‘medicine’.
  • Connect with the wheel of life as a tool to explore your own life holistically

Students will begin the process of embodying their insights over the remainder of the program weeks (and onwards!) with an introduction to the concept of active integration.

  • Embodiment and play: Exercises and meditations to connect to your body and its wisdom
  • The learning process: How a microdosing process can unlock hard-to-reach self-learning spaces
  • Active integration: How to identify and examine observations, insights, discoveries uncovered by a microdosing practice, and how to transform these into concrete actions

While continuing dosing, students dive deeper into Indigenous concepts while learning more about plant spirit communication. 

  • How can we deepen our connection to ourselves, our loved ones, including our relationships with the earth, spirit and our ancestors?
  • Group explorations: in our group container we continue to work with themes like self-love, interconnectedness, embodiment, play, surrender, community, giving & receiving, reverence for the sacred

How has microdosing lead to changes in your thinking, doing and believing? You will bring the sum of all your discoveries, insights and actions into your day-to-day life. You will develop this integrative work in community, with a particular focus on how to achieve results that are sustainable over time.

  • Integrate your learnings after 4 weeks of microdosing and redefine your personal worldview
  • Conversation circle: Which gifts have I received and integrated during this process? After reconnecting with my intention, how do I step forward into the world?
  • Create your personal integration map
  • Guided meditations to honor growth and celebration

Post-Program (Week 7)

  • Final integration session with your 1:1 coach to co-create your post-program plan for continued integration
  • Optional: Next steps towards becoming a microdosing coach through our Microdosing Facilitators Program 

From our participants:

I loved it! I loved to feel how close we are, how supported and share all our beautiful processes. I was able to understand and accept what I needed to let go, also move ahead listening to myself on a deeper level that provides wellbeing.

My intention to heal has been accomplished for now, which has enabled me to formulate a new intention for going deeper into the process. I feel also subtly transformed in a pleasant way. All in all, this program has exceeded my expectations for what I can achieve.​

The arc of the program worked well and guided us through our experiences. It was very clear from everyone’s sharing that we had all been through a profound process together that touched each of us deeply.

Meet Your Educators and Program Facilitators:

Hein Pijnnaken, Netherlands

Co Founder and Microdsosing Coach at Microdosing Institute
  • Certified NLP Transformational Coach
  • Ceremonial psychedelic guide
  • Microdosing coach 
  • Podcaster and public speaker
  • Steward of the psychedelic movement in all its diversity since 2016

Jennifer Rotermund, USA

Entheogenic Psychologist and Lead Facilitator at Microdosing Institute
  • Microdosing coach and educator
  • BS in Psychology, with an emphasis in Behavioral Neuroscience (University of Houston)
  • Entheogenic integration & addiction recovery coach
  • Cannabis health & wellness coach
  • Shamanic practitioner/sacred ceremonialist

Azalea Montaño-Kemp, USA/Mexico

Mestiza Medicine Woman
Co Facilitator at Microdosing Institute
  • Curandera (mushroom healer) and ceremonial leader in the Indigenous Mazatec lineage of Mexico
  • Specializes in combining Indigenous healing modalities with modern psychology (using IFS, somatics, plant-based healing, and Earth science philosophy)
  • Certified to work with psychedelic substances to treat substance use issues (with Sage Institute)
  • Completed various jungle dietas and plant studies under Indigenous Shipibo lineage in Peru

Jessika Lagarde, Netherlands

Co Founder of Women On Psychedelics
Co Facilitator at Microdosing Institute
  • Trauma-informed Plant Medicine Facilitator (psilocybin sessions)
  • Integration Coach
  • Educator and writer in the psychedelic space
  • Lead facilitator at retreats

Having microdosed often before the last 7 years I can say that the monitoring, group communication and journaling has a much higher impact than just using it intuitively or even with a strict protocol. I was skeptical of the calibration process, but it did make a significant difference.

Program Details:

Individuals 18 years or older, based in the Netherlands or elsewhere with legal access to truffles or mushrooms containing psilocybin are welcome to participate. All individuals are required to participate in a medical screening and intake – participation in this course is contingent on meeting medicine requirements for safely microdosing.

Additionally, to participate, you (1) wish to experience a guided microdosing journey, (2) are willing to provide peer-support to another participant during the program

You will receive educational video content that is essential for the preparation and integration of your microdosing process. Up to 6 hours of self-study is required in total.

Once a week you will have a live group Workshop & Sharing Circle with our team and the other participants to share and integrate what you have learned and experienced.

6 sessions of up to 2.5 hours on Saturdays.

Outside of the classes and live sessions, you will be assigned a partner-guide that will support you and you will offer support to. You will be assigned exercises and activities for self-reflection, analysis and practical work.

Approx. 12 hours in total (2.5 hours weekly during 6 weeks)
1) You receive weekly peer-to-peer guidance from your assigned program partner
2) You offer peer-to-peer guidance to your assigned partner
3)Optional: You receive biweekly 1:1 coaching from the team (Extra Charge)

Microdosing often opens up spaces of vulnerability and deep learning. Should you require specialized support and containment beyond the offerings of this program and the optional 1:1 coaching, we provide additional coaching with our coaching/therapist network, and if needed, referral to a specialized therapist (at own cost).

Approx. 42 hours over the course of 6 weeks.

We understand that sometimes life creates unforeseen circumstances. Should you have to cancel your attendance, we support you in the following ways:

Cancelation prior to the program’s start date: Any deposit paid is non refundable 30 days before the program has started. If you decides to cancel your participation 10 days prior to the start date, you are entitled to a refund of 100% minus administrative cost and payment fees. 

Cancelation during the program: No refund. 

In all instances, you and Microdosing Institute may agree to transfer your participation to a future program and should there be any differences in the tuition fee for the future  program, these will be paid by you.

While personal experience with microdosing is beneficial for coaching others, completion of this program does not provide adequate information for safely and effectively coaching others.

Those who are interested in working with microdosing in a broader capacity will be eligible to apply for our Microdosing Facilitators Program – a more in-depth education created to support those working with microdosing professionally.

This course contains the information and support I wish we had when we started Microdosing Institute. As the science and personal practice continue to evolve, we have refined what works into a flexible formula that can effectively support personal growth.

Program Dates

Upcoming start dates:
  • Aug 26, 2024

My intention to heal has been accomplished for now, which has enabled me to formulate a new intention for going deeper into the process. I feel also subtly transformed in a pleasant way. All in all, this program has exceeded my expectations for what I can achieve.

Register now and gain the confidence to start safely and effectively incorporate microdosing into your offerings and transform lives.

To register, first take our prerequisite 6-Week Microdosing Immersion which teaches you the fundamentals of microdosing, and gets you up to speed for this professional-level course. 

This 10-month intensive study requires a € 5697 investment. We offer payment plans 

Secure your spot on the next cohort by submitting a deposit of € 497. Upon receiving your payment, we’ll connect with you personally to complete your application.

Please note that your payment reserves your spot, but does not guarantee admittance to the program. If you are not admitted for any reason, your deposit will be refunded in full.

Microdosing Institute is now the premier institute in the world for microdosing.
I am at a place where I am asking questions to them for the things that I don't know enough about. They have not only become great friends but also an enormous resource.

Effective microdosing protocols start with a plan.

Download the Microdosing Coach's Framework to see how microdosing can be integrated into an existing protocol.

The thing is, microdosing for transformation is less than straight forward...

Psilocybin or LSD? Raise or lower the dosage? Adjust for body weight? Stamets or Fadiman protocol? There’s a lot to think about when setting up a microdosing protocol.

It truly takes a skilled person to navigate safety, dosage, and frequency, and thoughtfully integrate the theory into the practice.

Psychedelics microdoses are “non-specific amplifiers” - so clear guidance is essential for seeing results.

Microdosing has the power to change lives, but only when used within a structured container of personal growth, facilitated by an expert, can the results can be extraordinary.

That’s where you come in.


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