international microdosing coaching association

IMA: International Microdosing Association

The IMA is a community-member led, nonprofit decentralized autonomous organization initiated by founding member Dr. James Fadiman, for microdosing professionals to share and co-create open source knowledge and initiatives, and to maintain best practices with microdosers first in mind.
We envision a world with safe and effective access to the best possible care and results for microdosing use.


Join our professionals directory and connect with other relevant microdosing professionals

Discussions and Live Events

Join the text discussions on Discord and join events like open circles and on-demand topics (science, legal, best practices, ethics,…)


Find microdosing professionals that can help your initiatives, or create something new with the whole IMA community.

How to join

Membership is free and open to all microdosing professionals. Please join our Discord and go through the steps to complete your registration as an IMA member. We’ll ask you to introduce yourself and fill a form about your field of expertise, your needs, your challenges and ways in which you see yourself contributing to the future of the microdosing space. This will allow other members to connect with you and add value to each other’s work.

The IMA community is made up of facilitators, therapists, entrepreneurs, scientists, product developers, data-specialists, community leads, healers, and other professionals who are connecting, exploring and building solutions together. We will ask you to agree and adhere to the community guidelines, and intent to bring value into this community. 


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