international microdosing coaching association

IMA: International Microdosing Association

The International Microdosing Association is the first internationally operating professional association for microdosing coaches, therapists and researchers. 

What is the International Microdosing  Association ?

IMA is a shared platform for microdosing coaches that facilitates and fosters:

  • connections with other professional microdosing coaches and therapists
  • a wider availability of resources
  • supervision and learning opportunities
  • safeguarding ethics 
  • establishing best practices  

Member coaches adhere to the following professional principles:

  • Do no harm
  • Avoid dependency on the coach or the substance
  • Aim to evoke lasting transformation

Through the International Microdosing Association, we aim to build an empowered, engaged professional community that operates ethically and is self-learning and self-monitoring. This mission falls under the new paradigm of interconnectedness, where health and personal growth is created and maintained from within, and through connection and community. Thus, we do not actively monitor the quality of our members’ services, but offer a community-sourced Code of conduct* and a reporting tool*.

* Available soon

What is a microdosing coach or therapist?

A microdosing coach is a certified coach, counsellor or therapist who supports people who intend to use microdosing as a (complementary) practice for improved mental and physical wellbeing and personal growth.

IMA is born from the universal need to deepen our collective understanding of microdosing as a therapeutic tool. 

Connect with the International Microdosing  Association 

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IMA Founding Team



  • Hein Pijnnaken (Microdosing Institute)
  • Jakobien van der Weijden (Microdosing Institute)


  • Adolfo Schmitt (Microhuasca)
  • Alvaro Zarate (Microhuasca)