Microdosing San Pedro

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San Pedro is mescaline-containing cactus, which is very suitable for microdosing because of its special properties in high doses. It’s also a relatively safe substance. According to experts at Jellinek, the Dutch National Health Service addiction clinics, there is no risk of addiction, however, there’s a relatively high chance of developing a tolerance. That means that at some point you need a higher dose to feel the same effect.

Not much is known about microdosing with mescaline cacti yet, so we’ve decided to do some research by ourselves. Based on that, we’ve come up with three important observations:

Psychoactive plants such as cacti, magic mushrooms are not legal or decriminalised in many countries. However, San Pedro can be obtained from plant shops and garden centers. The process of drying, powdering and encapsulating is not very difficult, but it takes a little dedication and patience. An unregulated synthetic analogue is currently available in the European Union.

From Cactus to Microdose - Instruction Video

Types of Cacti

To begin with, you need to purchase a cacti that contains mescaline. These cacti are available in various smartshops and online stores (depending on the country and legality!). The types which are suitable are:


Each cactus has a different mescaline content. If you are going to microdose it and want to take a risk of processing it, it is advisable to start with a number of cacti at the same time. This way you can mix them all together and assure that you won’t have to look for the right dose every time you prepare a new cactus.

With two San Pedro cacti of 30 cm high and 5 cm in circumference, you will be able to prepare between 25 and 30 capsules of 0.5 grams each. An average microdose of San Pedro powder is approximately between 1 and 2 grams, so you will be taking 2-4 capsules once every three days (the Fadiman protocol). Keep in mind that this is a rough indication. It strongly depends on the size, the overall potency, and the amount of flesh you cut and use from the cactus. The more white flesh, the weaker the powder.

Possible Differences When Compared to Magic Mushrooms

During a two-month microdosing experience, we’ve discovered a few differences in microdosing San Pedro in comparison to magic mushrooms. Please note that this is our own observation, therefore it’s not based on scientific research.

It is quite possible that your experience with microdosing San Pedro will be different. We are to hear about your experience with San Pedro, so please don’t hesitate to share it with the communty.

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