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Microdosing Protocols

After you have decided why you want to microdose, you should decide on which microdosing protocol you want to use for your microdosing journey. We strongly advise to microdose according to a schedule indicating when and for how long you microdose. This kind of schedule is what we call a microdosing protocol.
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The different microdosing protocols

So far, there are six different microdosing protocols. All of them schedule two to four weeks rest after a completed microdosing cycle of four to eight weeks. This break or reset is vital to avoid tolerance and thus maintain the healing effects of microdosing psychedelics. To determine if a microdosing protocol is suitable for you, we recommend trying each microdosing schedule for at least one month.

1. Fadiman Protocol

The Fadiman Protocol (also known as the Beginners Protocol) is the most well-known microdosing protocol. It’s named after Dr. James Fadiman, who created this protocol to observe the effects of mircodosing by clearly distinguishing between microdosing days and non-microdosing days.

Dr. James Fadiman’s protocol is an excellent basis for a first microdosing experiment. It assumes a 3-day cycle, which you follow for four to eight weeks.

How to microdose according to the Fadiman Protocol:

CYCLE: Continue this cycle for four to eight weeks
RESET: Two to four weeks rest

Watch the video in which Dr. James Fadiman talks about the Fadiman Protocol:

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2. Microdosing Institute Protocol (every second day)

The experience of our microdosing coaches has found out that some people benefit more from microdosing every second day. This can increase the effectiveness of microdosing especially when microdosing for medical purposes or psychological challenges such as depression, social anxiety, ADHD/ADD, migraine, or cluster headaches. Therefore, we have developed a microdosing protocol called the Microdosing Institute Protocol.  

This microdosing protocol should be chosen carefully, preferably with one of our microdosing coaches. If you want to start microdosing for medical purposes, don’t experiment by yourself; consult your doctor or health practitioner first and seek guidance from a microdosing coach.

How to microdose according to the MDI Protocol:​

CYCLE: Continue this cycle for four to eight weeks
RESET: Two to four weeks rest

3. Two-days-a-week Protocol

When microdosing every second or third day, the microdosing days fall on different days of the week each time. This is not suitable for everybody, and some might prefer a fixed scheme that matches with a weekly work or social routine. If that’s the case, we advise choosing two fixed days in a week that fit your schedule best, and always keep at least one day between each microdosing days.

How to microdose according to the 2-days-a-week protocol:

CYCLE: Continue this cycle for four to eight weeks
RESET: Two to four weeks rest

4. Stamet's Stack (Stamet's Protocol)

Paul Stamets, a world-renowned mycologist, author, and advocate for medicinal mushrooms, developed and tested a new microdosing formula; the combination of psilocybin, niacin (vitamin B3), and the medicinal mushroom Lion’s Mane. This microdosing stacking method has a positive and lasting effect on the brain. 

He invented the term “stacking” to describe the process of combining these substances. The ‘Paul Stamets Stack‘ is mainly developed to combine Lion’s Mane, psilocybin, and niacin (vitamin B3).

The ingredients for stacking Lion’s Mane are available through our partner webshops: Microdose.nl (European Union), Mushroom Revival (United States) and Microdosify (United States, Canada).

How to microdose according to the Stamets protocol:​

CYCLE: Continue this cycle for four weeks
RESET: Two to four weeks rest

5. Nightcap Protocol

Some people experience slight fatigue while microdosing magic truffles or magic mushrooms. Therefore, Microdosing Institute devised the Nightcap Protocol, which involves microdosing every second day before bedtime to take advantage of this weariness and get a decent night’s sleep. People who microdose like this report that they’re having more vivid dreams and waking up feeling more refreshed and brighter than before they began microdosing.  

When using the Nightcap Protocol, we recommend taking the microdose at least an hour before going to bed. Mushrooms, truffles, and B.Caapi vine can be microdosed using the Nightcap Protocol, but do not use this protocol when microdosing with LSD, 1cP-LSD, or 1P-LSD! There are two options for Nightcap Protocol;

Option 1:

Following the Microdosing Institute Protocol:

CYCLE: Continue this cycle for four to eight weeks
RESET: Two to four weeks rest

Option 2:

Following the Fadiman Protocol:

CYCLE: Continue this cycle for four to eight weeks
RESET: Two to four weeks rest

6. Intuitive microdosing

Another way of microdosing is to do it entirely intuitively, with only one rule: you always leave at least one day between the days you take a microdose. People who have followed any kind of microdosing protocol for one or two cycles often switch to a more intuitive way of microdosing.

microdosing protocol

Which microdosing protocol suits you?

The best way to discover which microdosing protocol suits you best is simply by trying them out. We recommend starting with Fadiman’s Protocol or, if that doesn’t fit your schedule, the Two-days-a-week Protocol. The important thing is to become aware of the contrast between an ordinary and a microdosing day. To properly investigate what microdosing can do for you, we recommend writing your observations down in a journal or tracking them via an app. After your first cycle, or if you experience adverse effects, you can decide to switch to another microdosing protocol. Now you are ready to get started with microdosing

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