Microdosing Coaching & Consultation

Would you like to start with microdosing but you’re not sure yet how to go about it? Book an online consultation with one of our microdosing coaches. The Microdosing Institute team is here for you!

Since the start of our platform, we have been offering microdosing coaching tailored to the individual needs. As microdosing coaches we guide you step by step to help to make this experience the most effective for you.

Our team works closely with James Fadiman PhD and several other specialists in the field of microdosing. They guide and advise our coaching team, so that we can give you the most realistic and thorough guidance.

We Offer The Following Services

Online Consultation via Zoom/Skype

Do you have questions or would you like to present your personal situation to our experienced team? That is possible! During our meeting we will discuss your possibilities regarding microdosing.

Personal Coaching (3 sessions)

Are you determined to get the most out of your microdosing journey? Or would you like to ‘check in’ with us for feedback and guidance after you’ve started microdosing? During your 8-10 week microdosing voyage of discovery, we guide you with 3 coaching sessions live or via Skype/Zoom.

Session 1: Intake Conversation

Before you start microdosing, we start with the first session of 1 hour. During this meeting we will discuss:

Session 2: Soul Quest

The second session of 1,5 hours takes place preferably during your microdosing day. Here we take a closer look at what your soul’s desires in life are. Further, we will also discuss:

Session 3: Integration

The third microdose coaching session is scheduled at the end of your microdosing process. During this last session we discuss:

Coaching or Therapy

In order to be of service to more people, we work together with various therapists, coaches and psychologists from the regular and alternative sector. They are open to the potential healing effects of psychedelics in micro and macro dosage.

When it comes to personal growth and breaking unserving patterns, we strongly believe in the combination of microdosing and professional guidance from a microdosing coach and/or a therapist. Together we will look at what is most suitable for you.

We have a growing, diverse network of coaches and specialists who are well acquainted with the workings and power of microdosing, and can guide you specifically in this.

In case of clinical depression, trauma or long-term psychological complaints and use of medication, we always refer you to a certified (GZ) psychologist, psychiatrist or therapist in our Microdosing Institute network.

In an online consultation we will gladly inform you about the possibilities.

For more information, simply send us a message at

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