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Want to grow your own mushrooms? Start here!

hands holding dried psilocybin mushrooms

Do you dream of growing your own mushrooms, but don’t know where to start?

Did you try to learn by yourself but are overwhelmed by the excessive amount of articles, YouTube videos, and blog posts out there?

We’d like to introduce you to our partners – the team over at Fungi Academy. They embody a strong vision to connect a global community that empowers the growing and sharing of fungal wisdom. Their online courses are some of the coolest, sensible and fun education programs out there.

As sacred mushrooms are becoming less stigmatized, they bring you a course with fun, fast-paced, easy-to-follow mushroom cultivation lessons.

Why this course?

Never have we faced such daunting challenges to both our personal and environmental health, yet a remedy exists right beneath our feet – sacred knowledge from the vast mycelium network.

By the end of this course, you will understand the entire mushroom cultivation process:

  • Grow, harvest, and store your home-grown mushrooms at your own pace with confidence
  • Understand how to easily create a mushroom growing environment at your home
  • Discover where to get high quality spores and cultures
  • Learn about the essential mushroom cultivation equipment, and where to source all you need to start growing!

Sounds pretty cool right?

Good to know: you will also join a community of hundreds of other fungal fans who are amping up their mushroom cultivation game with the help of 70+ lesson videos and a 120+ page workbook!

Receive 30% discount

Both we and Fungi Academy feel a strong call to celebrate the interconnectedness of all humans that enables us all to build a healthier, stronger and more meaningful future. We have partnered with Fungi Academy to make ensure our community members can  learn to grow mushrooms and work with psychedelic medicines for their inner journeys at super accesible rates. 

Our friends at Fungi Academy offer our microdosing community 30% off any of their courses. Isn’t that funtastic?

Go to Fungi Academy and use coupon code MICRODOSINGINSTITUTE to receive 30% off.

cultivate your own mushrooms


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