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Therapist & Specialist Network

Since the early days of Microdosing Institute, we have been successfully guiding people through their microdosing journeys. Along the way, we discovered that sometimes our clients’ needs stretch beyond that of what microdosing (alone) is capable of. Our intention is always to offer people access to the guidance that truly serves them, which is why we built a network of expert coaches and therapists specializing in many topics. Our network consists of coaches and therapists from both mainstream and alternative healthcare who are familiar with the potential healing effects of psychedelics. 

Each person is unique and has a remarkable story, each with their personal reasons for desiring guidance during their microdosing and/or macrodosing process. With our network of coaches, psychologists, and therapists—each with their expertise—we can guide your specific, individual, and unique process and discover which route suits your needs best.

Meet our Therapists & Specialists

Donca Vianu therapist

Donca Vianu, MD

Consultant Psychiatrist
& Psychedelic Integration Therapist

Donca Vianu, MD is known in the Netherlands and Germany as a highly skilled therapist for psychedelic experiences, with more than 40 years work experience spread over many different countries and cultures. 

Her lifelong interest in spirituality led to a study in comparative religions and later in Buddhist psychology with Thich Nhat Hanh.

  • Areas of Expertise: hypnotherapy treatment of PTSD and trans-generational transmission of trauma, gender issues, intercultural communication.
  • Additional Services: consulting for antidepressant or psychiatric medication tapering (always in consultation with the psychiatric professional where you are under treatment)
  • Type of Clients: individuals
  • Education & Certifications: Psychiatry (MD) and Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Focusing, Active Imagination, amongst others
  • Language(s): English, Dutch, German, French, and Rumanian
  • Location(s): Online via Skype/Zoom, Portugal
Marijn Schrieken

Marijn Schrieken

Body-oriented Trauma Therapist & Coach
Marijn is a certified body-oriented Trauma Therapist, guiding people to release their bodies from stress and tension back into the natural flow of life. Somatic Experiencing is a body-oriented methodology based on the natural trauma response of wild mammals—shaking. It works beautifully in combination with psychedelic practices and maximizes healing and subsequent integration.
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Somatic Experiencing 
  • Focus: trauma, psychedelic integration
  • Type of Clients: individuals
  • Education & Certifications: Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine), body-oriented coaching (Atma), Neuro-affective Relational Model (NARM)
  • Language(s): Dutch and English 
  • Location(s): Online via Skype/Zoom and the Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Regina Hess microdosing

Dr. Regina R. Hess

Clinical Psychologist
& Body-Centered Gestalt Psychotherapist

For over 20 years, Regina has specialized in the multidimensionality of trauma and transformation and has been teaching internationally. Additionally, she’s a member of the Swiss Medical Society for Psycholytic Therapy, and is co-developer and co-facilitator of the integration programs and integration therapy trainings for professionals at MIND (European Foundation for Psychedelic Science)

  • Area(s) of Expertise: psychedelic integration, trauma-informed body centred psychotherapy
  • Focus: psychedelic integration, multidimensional trauma and transformation, meaning of life, individual, collective and ecological transformation
  • Type of Clients: individuals, couples, and groups
  • Education & Certifications: Bachelor and Master in Clinical Psychology & Psychiatry,  Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and Embodied Phenomenological Research
  • Language(s): German and English 
  • Location(s): Online via Skype/Zoom and the Netherlands

Alessio Faggioli

Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Psychedelic Psychotherapist, Couple therapist

Alessio has a private practice and collaborates with PsyOn, a psychedelic clinic in Prague. He specializes in working with trauma and personal transformation by providing a very solid program to get relieved from the resistances and begin the journey of “coming back” to our own Self.

  • Area(s) of Expertise: Complex Trauma, Somatic therapy, NeuroAffective Relational Model, Internal Family System, psychedelic psychotherapy, mindfulness, existential therapy, spiritual crisis
  • Focus: grief, depression, trauma, abuse, sexuality, anxiety, existential and spiritual crises
  • Type of Clients: individuals, couples and groups
  • Education: MA in Psychology, BSc(H) in Counselling and Psychotherapy, BA in Computer Science, Certificate in Couple Therapy, Certificate in Group Facilitator, Certificate in “Ketamine assisted Psychotherapy”
  • Language(s): English, Italian and Spanish
  • Location(s): Online via Zoom and in Prague, Czech Republic
Francesca Rose Eating Disorder Coach

Francesca Annenberg

Embodied Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

Francesca has been walking the recovery path for over 13 years and has turned her struggles of anorexia nervous, orthorexia and exercise addiction into service, and life purpose, assisting others to uncover, discover and recover inherent curiosity for life, creative flow, self-compassion and connection to all of life.

  • Area(s) of Expertise: Eating disorder recovery, somatic practices, yoga and mindful movement, microdosing meditation
  • Focus: Embodiment, trauma-informed somatic practices, psychedelic preparation and integration, mindfulness, nervous system regulation
  • Type of Clients: individuals 
  • Education & Certifications:
    Embodied Eating Disorder Recovery, Addiction Recovery and Psychointegration Coaching, Conscious Dance Facilitator, Yoga Teacher
  • Language(s): English 
  • Location(s): Online via Skype/Zoom/WhatsApp and South Africa (Cape Town)
Pieter Meurs

Pieter Meurs, MD

Holistic Physician
Pieter has a background in traditional medicine, worked in psychiatry in clinics and later in the Integrative Psychiatry department (CIP). Later, he started a holistic healthcare practice called Aquarius that operates internationally. He combines his knowledge of traditional medicine with alternative practices and principles, including yoga, meditation, and plant medicine, to provide the most holistic approach possible.
  • Areas of Expertise:  traditional medicine, yoga, meditation, plant medicine (ceremonial, microdosing, cannabis & CBD), soundhealing
  • Focus: microdosing with truffles, addiction
  • Type of clients: individuals
  • Education: Medicine (M.Sc.)
  • Language(s): Dutch and English
  • Location(s): Online via Skype/Zoom and The Veluwe, The Netherlands
Naturopath Frederico Conde

Federico Conde

Naturopathic Therapist & Microdosing Coach

Federico is a certified Naturopathic therapist who been coaching patients on concious nutrition and detox technics since 2010. He’s been spaceholding and guiding patients on microdosing and cacao medicine for about three years.

He considers psychedelic sacred earth medicines perfect tool for the people to empower and connect with the need of their bodies. His naturopathic sessions are named “Curando con la raiz” (Healing from/with the root) because true healing happens when a person is able to go all the way back to the root core of their problems.

  • Areas of Expertise: Naturopathy, Nutrition and Detox Techniques
  • Focus: stacking adaptogens, nootropics, supplements and herbalism
  • Type of Clients: individuals
  • Education & Certifications: Licensed Naturopathic
  • Language(s): Spanish, English
  • Location(s): online via Zoom and Argentina (Cordoba)
  • Connect with Federico via email or Instagram
Rob ter keurs 2022

Rob ter Keurs

Haptonomer & Coach

Rob ter Keurs has a passion for people and uses the  transpersonal psychology as a starting point in his haptonomy sessions (sensory en emotional therapy). During these sessions, the emotional world of the client is the focal point. Through touch, he helps you become aware of the sensations and emotional experiences in your body as a source for change.

  • Area(s) of Expertise: Haptonomy and transpersonal psychology 
  • Focus: Physical and emotional (body)work specializes in PTSD 
  • Type of Clients: individuals
  • Education & Certifications: Physiotherapy (Tim van der Laan Academy), Haptonomy (Otto Huizinga) 
  • Language(s): Dutch and English 
  • Location(s): Online via mail/whattsapp or the Netherlands  (Amstelveen)


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