Microdosing Coach: Wieneke van der Wissel

Wieneke microdosing coach

Hi, I'm Wieneke van der Wissel

As a Holistic Coach, I use various cognitive and physical interventions. Breathwork and meditation are always part of my coaching programs.

We all live in our own perspective of the world. My goal is to connect and work together during the coaching program. I listen and use my sincere curiosity in others to find out what is needed. Taking all the dynamics of everything in and around us in consideration. Together we will search for the meaning of life, both physical and energetic. Since my early age I am fascinated by the physical, creative and spiritual development of human beings. It is my goal to always look and find the best version of myself and others and in that way contribute to our awareness.

Our inner world is an interesting environment. I have learned and experienced various techniques to connect with my own inner world. Since I was a child, I am searching to find myself and learn who I am. In my personal search the plant medicines have been important teachers for me. Through various ceremonies and macro dosing I have been able to meet the deepest part of my being and remember who I really am. The plant medicine has literally changes my life from survival mode to who I am at this moment. Living a life full of real experiences and sensory awareness.

Getting in touch with the plant medicine is a sacred journey which I believe should always be guided in a ceremony. Only with sincere attention and being consciously present you will be able to experience everything that is happening.

It is a huge challenge in our fast moving lives to find the time and place to really slow down and be fully aware in that moment. Micro and macro dosing will help you to be more aware and remembering who you really are and what it is you need. I use my own experience with the plant medicine and the wisdom I gained through my ceremonies. I have experienced and heard from others the challenges of integrating the gained knowledge after a ceremony in daily life. Until I discovered microdosing. Through microdosing I have experienced that nature can help us to become more aware in daily life.

My approach in microdosing coaching

Together we investigate what micro dosing can do for you, by looking at the themes in your life you want to work on. I make sure we get the complete picture of what it is you want to work on and which goals you want to achieve. 

During my coaching I will adapt to your personal situation, and guide you step by step. Your personal growth, breaking patterns and creating more insight to your inner world, is my goal. From my experience and intuition, I will guide you, offer you practices or advice. In combination with microdosing the process will deepen and speed up. This will have an effect on your experience positively. As the plant medicine is a fantastic teacher for me and who knows, for you too.

Coaching style:

Holistic, intuitive, present with the power of the moment through meditation and breath.


  • Anthropology: Cultural organization management
  • NLP
  • Breath & mediation work
  • Voice dialogue
  • Systemic work
  • Massage

Type of clients:

  • Those who want to be more in touch with their feelings
  • Those who want to get away from medication
  • Those who want to get in touch with their essence more deeply
  • Those who want to get in contact with the plant
  • People who mourn or experience a great loss

Type of guidance:

By listening to what you say and to what you are not saying. Searching for what lays underneath and remains unspoken. Getting insight in your motives by questioning. Looking for the right and useful steps for your path. So that you get a understanding of how to follow your intuition and listen to the inner voices, which have your best interests at heart.

If you want to learn more about me, check my website www.feellifenow.nl

Languages: Dutch and English

Location: Online via Zoom/Skype