microdosing coaching

Microdosing coach: Mart Stoffele

Mart stoffele

Hi, I'm Mart Stoffele

I’m Mart Stoffele, a medicinal mushroom expert and founder of Foodsporen, an online shop offering mushroom tinctures. By combining ancient medicine with modern science and technology to offer the purest exacts currently on the market.

My approach to microdosing coaching

Due to my background in Phytotherapy, I can help you stack your microdosing practice with other medicinal mushrooms and find the best combination and stacking protocol for you. 

Type of coaching: life coaching

Focus: stacking

Certification: Phytotherapy (B.Sc.)

Type of clients

  • People who want to become healthy
  • People who have low energy
  • People who want to use stacking

Type of guidance: microdosing path, optimization of focus and energy

Languages: Dutch and English

Location: Online via Zoom/Skype