microdosing coaching

Microdosing coach: Jakobien Van Der Weijden

Hi, I'm Jakobien Van Der Weijden

I’m a Holistic Coach, Microdosing Coach and co-founder of Microdosing Institute. I have been in service of the psychedelic renaissance for over ten years and have worked with organizations such as OPEN FoundationPsychedelic Society of the Netherlands (PSN), and Synthesis. Through this work, I’ve formed close ties with scientists, therapists, coaches, and microdosers from all over the world. Furthermore, I worked at a smart shop for nine years, where I accumulated an enormous amount of knowledge about (natural) psychedelics and medicinal plants such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro.

Because of my intrinsic fascination with travel and other cultures, it was only a matter of time before I would come into contact with local communities in South America and attend dozens of plant medicine ceremonies. Eventually, I have also done ceremonies in the Netherlands. These inner journeys are incredible and can be groundbreaking, but it’s clear that not everyone is served by such a sturdy visionary journey. It was a logical step to delve into microdosing aswell. I wrote an extensive report on my first experience with microdosing.

Very quickly, I discovered that microdosing is more than just a trick for more focus or creativity while you work— nevertheless, this story remains very popular with the media. I have always said; microdosing can wipe your window clean, allowing you to observe yourself with clarity: Who am I? What gives me energy? What lifestyle suits me? But also: What beliefs, people, and activities don’t serve me (anymore)?

Check out my video on microdosing and personal growth. 

My approach to microdosing coaching

We’re all capable of change, but often let (only) our mind determine the direction. And our mind easily lets itself be dominated by our ego—the living room of our fears, insecurities, and prejudices. However, the heart also has something to say. This often creates the inner conflict that takes place in many people, especially in Western Society. 

During microdosing coaching I combine my experience with psychedelics and microdosing with Holistic Coaching LHA®. This is a systematic method to bring your system (the collaborative whole of mind, emotion, body, and soul) back to its natural order. Through the combination of biofeedback, coaching, and energetic process work, we work quickly toward a breakthrough. The result is that stress and opposition are drastically reduced. Your inner healing intelligence can therefore function again. Read more about my way of working on my website.

Type of coaching: holistic coaching

Certification: Holistic Coaching LHA

Type of clients:

  • People with unexplained physical complaints
  • People with psychological or health complaints that keep recurring or don’t disappear.
  • People with a busy life or burn-out
  • People who are stuck, in one way or another
  • People who are facing a challenging life choice
  • People who are searching

Type of guidance: microdosing journey, preparation and integration of psychedelic experiences or Holistic Coaching without psychedelics.

Languages: Dutch, English, and Spanish

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands or online via Zoom/Skype