microdosing coaching

Microdosing coach: Hein Pijnnaken

Hi, my name is Hein Pijnnaken

I’m an NLP Transformational coach (advanced master), Microdosing Coach, and founder of Microdosing Institute (formerly Microdosing.nl). After almost 30 years of experience with different psychedelics, both personal use and guiding more than 200 sessions with high doses of psychedelics, microdosing came on my path.

Since then, I started to study the subject of microdosing intensively, both on the theoretical and practical side. Soon, I discovered that it’s an excellent tool for self-development, especially in combination with coaching. Through intensive contact with both scientists and microdosers, I have established a balanced view of how microdosing can be used to improve our lives. In the article How to Get the Best Results While Microdosing, I discuss this in more detail.

In short, microdosing enables you to live more in the present moment, experience more connection with yourself and other people, and therefore have a better handle on daily situations. Moreover, microdosing can also expose ingrained patterns that are holding you back in your life. However, you’ll be the one who has to work (hard) to break these patterns and teach yourself new beneficial patterns. In my experience as an NLP transformational coach, I have learned that this is precisely where the big challenge lies for most people.

My approach of microdosing coaching

Since the start of Microdosing Institute in 2018, I have been coaching people with microdosing. In my microdosing coaching, I combine my experience as an NLP transformational coach, guiding psychedelic sessions, and my own experiences with both macrodosing and microdosing. Provided that you consciously choose to work with microdosing, I can support you with my expertise to get the most out of your microdosing adventure!

Focus: Transformational coaching
Certification: NLP Advanced Master
Type of clients:  

  • People who are in the process of personal development
  • People with cluster headaches
  • People with psychological or health complaints that keep recurring or don’t disappear
  • People with a too busy life or burn-out
  • People who are stuck, in one form or another
  • People who are facing a challenging life choice
  • People who are searching

Type of counseling: microdosing journeys and preparation and integration of microdosing and/or psychedelic experiences.
Languages: Dutch and English
Location: Online via Zoom