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Microdosing coach: Catharina Bruyning

Catharina bruyning

Hi, I'm Catharina Bruyning

I’m a Metaphysical Teacher, Reiki & Shin Do Teacher, and Microdosing Coach at Microdosing Institute. My education is in Medical Social Sciences. I have guided people close to death and through big transformations in life. The genuine openness and vulnerability that occurs in these circumstances always spoke to me. 

I have been called a bridge between worlds, my intuitive talent lies in the translation between the mystical realm and the physical world. Being at ease in this field, I naturally drifted to being a guide (trip sitter) for people going on a psychedelic journey, within a therapeutic set and setting. This is something I still do, but because after the macrodose trip, the actual work begins. Ultimately, this is done in the real world, with all its triggers and tribulations. In this process, I have come to see microdosing as a valued and valiant companion.

My approach to microdosing coaching

Together we’ll look at what microdosing can do for you, what is currently hindering you and what lies underneath, so that we can get a clear view of where you’d like to go and find the easy path towards it.

The plant medicine /entheogen is a fantastic teacher, and I’m of service to the process that arises from working with these plants. From intuition and experience I’ll point out some things, provide exercises or advice, and offer information about psychedelics and (regular) medication.

Type of coaching: Holistic, Intuitive, with a broad base in Medical Science

Certification: Medical & Social Sciences, Usui Reiki Master III, Shin Do Teacher, Soul Coach

Type of clients

  • People who have difficulty finding their path 
  • People with ADD and/or Autism
  • Female Autism Spectrum is my expertise
  • People who have experienced a great loss 
  • People who are going through great transformation
  • People who are terminally ill
  • People who are grieving

Type of guidance: Listen deeply to what you are and what you’re not saying, to gain clear insight and give you practical advice, so you can go on and follow your own intuition: the voice that has your best interest at heart.

Languages: Dutch and English

Location: Online via Zoom/Skype/Teams