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Microdosing Coach: Brittany Lillegard

Brittany Lillegard

Hi, I'm Brittany Lillegard

I’m a Breathwork Facilitator, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and Microdosing Coach at Microdosing Institute. Over a decade ago, I started exploring the benefits of meditation and breathwork as a way to recover from an intense burnout and severe depression. Additionally, I experienced a transformative psychedelic journey (legal and guided by a therapist) that helped lift the thick fog of depression for the first time in my adult life.  

To better integrate the profound lessons from this high-dose experience and manage my mental health, I started to explore microdosing. Combining microdosing with breathwork, meditation, and other personal development practices has allowed me to healthily explore, express, and release my emotions, including anger, grief, and sadness. As a result, I gained mental stability, a deep connection with my intuition, and a robust immune system.

My approach to microdosing coaching

Through my varied background as a strength and conditioning coach, anatomy teacher, yogi, meditator, and breath fanatic, I’m able to connect deeply with my body through various kinds of movement and mind practices. By using this multidimensional approach, I’m able to take my students and clients unique, playful, and most importantly, connective journeys to their full potential.

On that journey, I’ll assist you in discovering the tools and wisdom within yourself to achieve your goals and aspirations. By combining these practices with mindful and safe microdosing, I can help you gain awareness of your patterns, strengths, and the overall process. We’ll work together to identify the lessons, and guide to you successfully integrate them into your (daily life).

Type of coaching: Holistic Mind/Body coaching

Certifications: RYT 200, NASM CPT, Original Strength Systems, FRCms, Mind Foundation Beyond Experience Participant

Type of clients:

  • People who feel disconnected from their bodies
  • People who are ready to make a positive change in their life
  • People struggling with overwhelm or burnout

Type of guidance: Preparation and integration of psychedelic experiences, mind, body, breath practices

Languages: English

Location: Chicago, US or online via Zoom/Skypes

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