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Microdosing Coaching

When it comes to personal growth and breaking patterns that no longer serve you, we strongly believe in combining microdosing and professional guidance from a microdosing coach and/or therapist. 

Our microdosing coaching team are all accredited coaches with extensive experience in plant medicine work.  Our team is embedded in a global network of experts from the psychedelic community, including our advisor Dr. James Fadiman, and our inner circle of therapists and specialists who can directly support you if needed. 

Our Microdosing Institute coaching team is here for you.

Our Coaching services

In the past two years, we have seen that those participating in our group programs see a significantly greater positive impact in their lives. You are kindly invited to learn more, and register for a spot on our 6-Week Microdosing Coaching ProgramForm

For 1:1 coaching you are welcome to connect with Hein, Wieneke or Adriá or consult with another specialist in our network

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Hein profile

Hein Pijnnaken. Transformational Microdosing Coach (NLP)

Founder Microdosing Institute
Hein Pijnnaken is a Transformational Coach, NLP Master (advanced), and microdosing educator & coach. While growing up in the Netherlands—one of the most psychedelic-friendly countries in the world—he became familiar with psychedelics in his early college years and has used them as transformative tools ever since. Today, he has over 30 years of experience guiding psychedelic sessions and has immersed himself—both theoretically and practically —in the topic of microdosing since 2016. He strongly believes microdosing is an incredible tool for self-development, especially in combination with effective coaching.
  • Areas of Expertise: 1 on 1 coaching, Cluster headache. Micorodosing
  • Focus: Emotional awareness, intuitive development, expertise in different substances, core transformation. Integration of experiences of High dose journeys.
  • Additional Services:
  • Type of Clients: individuals
  • Education & Certifications:  NLP training Advanced Master
  • Language(s): English, Dutch
  • Location(s): Online via Zoom

Wieneke van Wissel.
Holistic Coach

Holistic Coach and
founder of Feel life Now

My coaching style is holistic, intuitive, present with the power of the moment through meditation and breath. I deeply listen to what you say and to what you are not saying. Tapping into what lays underneath and remains unspoken. Getting insight in your motives by questioning. Looking for the right and useful steps for your path. So that you get a understanding of how to follow your intuition and listen to the inner voices, which have your best interests at heart.

  • Area(s) of Expertise: Microdosing coaching, psychedelic integration, ceremony work, guided meditations & breath work and retreat work
  • Focus: Emotional awareness, coming off medication, connecting to your essence, intuitive development, plant medicine connection, grief/loss, integration of experiences of expanded states of consciousness.
  • Type of Clients: individuals
  • Education & Certifications: 
  • Language(s): Dutch and English 
  • Location(s): Online via Zoom and the Netherlands (Utrecht)

Adria Montesinos Integrative Transpersonal Therapist

Integrative Transpersonal Therapist

I am from Barcelona, Spain. I am an Integrative Transpersonal Therapist and Certified Microdosing Facilitator. Since my first encounter with plant medicine over a decade ago, I have worked both personally and by guiding other people to deepen the path of self-development and healing through expanded states of consciousness.

My personal interest in the transpersonal field began at an early age, but it was not until my initiation with medicinal plants that I found a path that gave me a direct contact with the mystical-spiritual. Since then transpersonal psychology has provided both a theoretical and practical framework for using expanded states of consciousness as a way to help others. I am currently in training in Gestalt therapy, which allows me to anchor transpersonal work in the here and now, in everyday life, bringing greater integration, coherence and depth.

  • Areas of Expertise: Burn-Out Recovery
    Life Transitions, Parenthood, Personal Leadership, Purpose, Self-Realization
  • Additional Services: consulting for antidepressant or psychiatric medication tapering (always in consultation with the psychiatric professional where you are under treatment)
  • Type of Clients: individuals
  • Education & Certifications: Integrative Transpersonal Psychology -Instituto Transpersonal Integrative (ITI)
    Accredited Microdosing Coach – Microhuasca
    Microdosing Coach at Microdosing Institute Coaching Programs
    Gestalt Therapy (in Training) – DRALA
    Advertising and Public Relations 
  • Language(s): Spanish, English
  • Location(s): Online via Skype/Zoom.
  • Area(s) of Expertise: 
  • Focus: 
  • Type of Clients: 
  • Education & Certifications: 
  • Language(s): Dutch and English 
  • Location(s): Online via Zoom and the Netherlands 

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