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Microdosing Coaching & Consultation​

Would you like to start microdosing, but you’re not sure how to go about it? Our certified coaches offer 1:1 microdosing coaching tailored to individual needs. They’ll guide you step by step to make this experience pleasant, safe, and the most effective for you.

When it comes to personal growth and breaking patterns that no longer serve you, we strongly believe in combining microdosing and professional guidance from a microdosing coach and/or therapist. Book an online microdosing coaching or consultation session with one of our microdosing coaches.

The expertise of our microdosing coaching team is build on their backgrounds as certified coaches, and is elaborated with thorough experience in plant medicine work, and strengthen by the close ties to an immense network of microdosing specialists: from neuroscientists to breathworkers, from psychedelic chaplains to psychologists, including our advisor Dr. James Fadiman

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Our services

Microdosing consultation

You’re interested to start your microdosing journey, but you’re uncertain, feel unprepared, or even scared? Don’t worry, we are here to assist. You can get an individual consultation with one of our microdosing coaches. They are able to respond to your personal needs and support you in the best possible way, making sure you feel safe, supported, and prepared for your microdosing journey. 

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Rate: € 95 (VAT incl.)

Microdosing coaching

You are ready to start microdosing and determined to get the most out of your journey? During a ten-week microdosing circle, you get three sessions with one of our microdosing coaches, who will provide you with personalized guidance, advice, and support. These three coaching sessions, each lasting one hour, are check-ins to give you feedback about your progress. This is what you can expect: 

Session 1: Diving in

During this 1-hour session, you get to know everything you need to start your microdosing cycle; 

  • Which microdosing substance is best for you
  • How to find your sweet spot (optimal dose)
  • How to calibrate your dose
  • How to choose the suitable microdosing protocol 
  • Helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of microdosing
  • Goal and intention setting
  • How to break old patterns and create new ones 
Session 2: Soul Quest

The second session takes place during a day on which you microdose. You’ll take a closer look at your deep desires for your life by discussing:

  • The experience of the previous weeks
  • How to fine-tune your dosage and substance protocol
  • A deeper delve into your needs and goals
  • Where to create habits or patterns that are aligned with who you are 
  • How to effectively integrate new insights into your life 
Session 3: Integration

The third and last coaching session takes place at the end of your first microdosing cycle. During this session, you’ll discuss:

  • Your insights—have you integrated them, or do they need more attention?
  • Where does resistance come up, and why?
  • Reflection on your microdosing experience, from a mind, body, social, and emotional perspective
  • Creating your future self: what are your next steps?
  • Duration: Each session lasts 60 minutes
  • Rate: € 95 / session (VAT incl.)

Meet our microdosing coaches

Hein Pijnnaken

NLP Transformational coach (Advanced Master)

Brittany Lillegard

Brittany Lillegard

Breathwork Facilitator & Integration Coach

Mart stoffele

Mart Stoffele

Medicinal Mushroom Expert

Microdosing coaching & therapy network

To serve you to the highest possible degree, we work closely with therapists, coaches, and psychologists from the regular and alternative health sectors. All of them are open to or experienced with the therapeutic effects of psychedelics and plant medicine, allowing for a multidisciplinary approach. 

In case of clinical depression, trauma, long-term psychological complaints, or medication use, we always refer you to a certified (GZ) psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist in our therapist & specialist network.

Join our professional network

We’re always interested in exploring collaborations. Are you a certified coach or therapist with a deep understanding of psychedelic therapeutic work? Do you want to contribute to our team or network? Please, get in touch and tell us all about your specialization, approach, and experience.

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