microdosing coaching

Microdosing Coaching

When it comes to personal growth and breaking patterns that no longer serve you, we strongly believe in combining microdosing and professional guidance from a microdosing coach and/or therapist. 

Our microdosing coaching team are all certified coaches with extensive experience in plant medicine work. Our team is embedded in a global network of experts from the psychedelic community, including our advisor Dr. James Fadiman, and our inner circle of therapists and specialists who can directly support you if needed. 

We are here for you!

Our services

As of July 1st 2023, consultations and coaching applications will be paused while our team goes on a Summer holiday break.

You are welcome to connect with Wieneke or Adriá for 1:1 microdosing coaching, or consult with another specialist in our network.

In the past two years, we have seen that those participating in our group programs see a significantly greater positive impact in their lives. You are kindly invited to learn more, and register for a spot on our 6-Week Microdosing Immersion