microdosing guidance

Microdosing Guidance

At Microdosing Institute, we believe that external guidance and support is the best way to get the most out of your microdosing experience(s). We have created a variety of resources and coaching options to guide you through the safest and most effective microdosing experience possible – whether you’re a beginner seeking support on how to get started or an experienced microdoser who is searching for tools to maximize your microdose.

Learn How to Microdose

Our video course – EXPLORE MICRODOSING – was created to take the overwhelm out of learning how to microdose. By the end of the course, you’ll feel confident and prepared to start microdosing safely and effectively.

Personalized Microdosing Guidance


From coaching hundreds of humans, it is clear to us – microdosing with guidance is the most effective way to microdose.

Our certified coaches come from diverse backgrounds and provide compassionate, trauma-informed support tailored to your unique background and intention. Our coaches are here to help you prepare, avoid mistakes, and get more out of your journey. 


We’ve taken everything we know about the science of microdosing and intimately combined it with ancestral wisdom from Indigenous facilitator, Xochitl Ashe, in the most holistic microdosing program available anywhere.

In 6 weeks, you’ll fully harness the potential of microdosing through community, personalized support and powerful integration tools. 


Microdosing Institute coaching is for informational, educational and self-development purposes only, and does not intend to substitute professional treatment from (mental) healthcare professionals. If you are seeking medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, we advise you to consult a medical professional or healthcare provider. Additionally, we do not condone illicit activities and cannot help source substances that are illegal in your region.