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Microdosing Tea Time

Voor onze volledige, internationale community (Facebookleden en cursusdeelnemers) faciliteren wij iedere eerste dinsdag van de maand een online meetup: Microdosing Tea Time!
Je kunt je kosteloos aanmelden via de link hieronder.
::::: ENGLISH :::::
For our wider, Dutch and International, community, we facilitate a monthly online meetup every first Tuesday of the month: Microdosing Tea Time!
You can join us via the link below.
::::: DETAILS :::::
Zoom link & How to join
Please register via the link below to access the upcoming meetings:
::::: What is Microdosing Tea Time? :::::
Join us for a deep social integrative dive with an online community to make connections with fellow microdosers, ask questions, and seek guidance. Make some (non-psychoactive) tea, sign into zoom, hang out with us, and exchange experiences from your microdosing journey with other microdosers from across the globe!
In these 90-minute zoom meetings, we will facilitate deeper group explorations and personal reflections in a casual atmosphere.