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The Best Microdosing Courses in 2022

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Which courses on Microdosing exist at the moment, and how to know which one to pick?

Here’s an overview:

Explore Microdosing Course

Developed here at the Microdosing Institute. This course is hands-on: you’ll learn how to microdose from A to Z. It consists of 17 videos, infused with the wisdom our 4000+ community members, 4 years of coaching experience, and our network of scientists and therapists.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned: never underestimate the power of community and peer-support! We invited you to see this for yourself: as a student, you’ll have free access to our monthly Microdosing Tea Time meeting on Zoom for integration, sharing and support.

microdosing course

The Microdosing Movement

This course went live in December 2020-Jan 2021 and attracted 900+ students during those weeks. Now, it’s available as an evergreen course that you can follow at your own pace. We had a lot of fun teaching these lessons along with Seth, Danielle, Adam and everyone’s mentor James Fadiman. Check out this beautiful collaboration with Psychedelic Society San Francisco, Flow State Micro and James Fadiman.

You’ll have free access to the Microdosing Support Networks that offers Zoom meetings for integration and support twice a month.

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