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Microdosing Community

At Microdosing Institute, we believe that community empowers people to become the best versions of themselves. Communities are important spaces for gaining a sense of belonging, connecting with like-minded humans and sourcing valuable resources. The sharing of personal stories deeply connects us, removes stigmas, and helps to grow the global understanding of the potential of microdosing.

By creating and maintaining an active microdosing community, we are able to better provide accessible, high-quality, and evidence-based microdosing education, and facilitate healthy conversations around microdosing and related topics.

Welcome to the Microdosing Community

We invite you to connect to the Microdosing Institute community, which includes experts, coaches, scientists, and thousands of microdosers. Whether you connect with us via social media, our online forum, or attend one of our virtual gatherings, we’re grateful to have you here.

Online Discussions & Support

Receive community support by joining hundreds of fellow microdosers in our private Discord channel. This space was created for you to seek support for your microdosing questions, share your personal experiences, and learn from the community in a safe, supportive, and non-judgemental environment. Our community provides valuable guidance, support, tips, and stories from members all over the world. 

Our 6000+ member Facebook discussion group will remain to exist but due to censorship and privacy concerns we favor Discord. 

Virtual Community Gathering

Currently we are taking a break for a few months with the Microdosing Tea Time. Sign up for our Newsletter to keep updated when we start our support group again within a few months.

Join us for a deep social integrative dive with our online microdosing community. Don’t let the virtual landscape fool you, these gatherings are an intimate space to make connections with fellow microdosers, ask questions, and seek guidance. Make some (non-psychoactive) tea, sign into zoom, and gain deeper insight through community connection. Every first Monday at 11PM PST / 2PM EST / 20.00 CET.

Receive our Newsletter

The best way to stay up to date about everything that is happening with Microdosing Institute and within the microdosing ecosystem is to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. As a member of our email community, you’ll receive valuable information about microdosing, (new) scientific research, news, and events, and will also get exclusive access to content and resources that we don’t share anywhere else.

Join our Social Circle

Our circle is open to everyone. Whatever, your preferred platform, Microdosing Institute shares free and instant education and fosters valuable conversations on all things microdosing via our social media channels. 

Microdosing Podcast

Learn from and meet global experts in the microdosing space in our Podcast – Microdosing Table Talk. Whether you tune in while driving, taking a walk, or working (shhh… we won’t tell), our expert guests provide great company while you dive deep into the most important and relevant microdosing topics. Covering a wide range of subjects from the latest in science to ancestral wisdom, you’ll want to subscribe to this one.

Microdosing Table Talk is now available on Spotify, Google, Apple Podcasts and other platforms

Participate in Research

You can help us understand the potential and power of microdosing by participating in microdosing studies. As a so-called “citizen scientist,” you’ll work with microdosing community members and scientists to find answers to some of the most intriguing inquiries. In doing so, you help society (better) understand the effect, benefits, and risks of microdosing.


The Microdosing Institute community is for informational or educational purposes only, and does not substitute professional medical advice or consultation with healthcare professionals. If you are seeking medical advice, diagnose, or treatment, we advise you to consult a medical professional or healthcare provider. Equally, we cannot help source any illegal substances.